Payroll Services Companies

In Singapore, there are many payroll services providers. Payroll companies offer services such as salary calculation, creation of employee profile for a new hire, computation of the last pay for resignees, computation of gross wages, submission of CPF contributions, and payroll reporting for accounting purposes. Furthermore, they offer preparation of CPF refunds & government statistical forms and assist with annual employment income under Auto Inclusion Scheme. 

Payroll outsourcing will be more profitable for start-ups, companies with developing or non-adjusted business processes, companies with a complex payroll model, or organizations with a large number of branches.

Incorporate Business Online prepared a list of payroll services providers in Singapore.

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One free subscription for your practice to give you everything you need to manage payroll
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Easily manage wages, leave, super and Single Touch Payroll for an unlimited number of employees for just $10/month. Unlike other payroll solutions, you won’t need to pay by the number of employees you have – saving you money as your small business grows.
SQL Account
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SQL Payroll is compliant to all Malaysian statutory bodies like KWSP, LHDN and SOCSO. Our system saves you the trouble by auto calculating EPF, SOCSO, EIS, HRDF and PCB contribution. To ensure flawless calculations, our PCB calculator comes with the latest contributions rates.
Inclusive full 1 year phone and email support with software updates Employee Dashboard Enjoy the freedom of checking your leave status on your mobile and received notification alert when your leave has been approved View unlimited payslip info in your mobile app Check salary details like wages, allwance, deduction, epf, socso and many more Unlimited year EA form record Unlimited access your past records of EA forms for a seamless and smooth process of e-filling on LHDN Manager Dashboard Check leave pending approval, daily attendance and many more on your mobile phone Synchronize with SQL Payroll Easy post leave application to SQL Payroll OTHER FRIENDLY FEATURES View leave balance report, leave application report Apply leave on behalf of employees
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Most Companies no longer manage their payroll services given the growing complexity and the need for 100% accuracy. If you’re looking for one such competent partner, then Tax Pa is your ultimate source provider to get professional payroll services in Philadelphia.
SBS Consulting
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SBS Consulting offers you comprehensive Singapore payroll services that are unique and come without any hidden costs. Contact us if your in-house payroll setup is eating away into your resources. We can answer your most-pressing payroll-related queries and assist in taking care of your business needs by rendering customized payroll solution.
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Clear Books provides combined Payroll and HR software that makes life easy. With Payroll you can calculate pay, send payslips, and report to HMRC. And, by giving your employees access to the HR portal they can request leave. It's easy.
We compute your monthly payroll, file and submit your employees Personal Income Tax and Social Security.
Our payroll professionals will be at your side all year long. We make it easy to hand off your payroll processing tasks and ensure payroll tax filings are a breeze.
Payroll is an integral yet tricky domain of any company as the staff payment speaks volumes. Our financial services revolve around
Our payroll service ensures that the government remittances and voluntary contributions such as CPF, SDL and Self-Help Funds (E.g. CDAC, Mendaki, Sinda etc.) are paid on time. The relevant tax filing requirements are being followed and payroll information is kept confidential at offsite facilities.
Acting as the bookkeeper in your accounting department, our team of professional bookkeepers helps you manage everything from recording financial transactions to delivering monthly financial statements, so that you have accurate timely financial data when you need it.
White glove payroll service Outsource the payroll function to us All employee types and pay schedules Includes overdraft notifications Easy to edit and adjust Books update automatically Access historical data & reports easily
Our service fees remain at flat rates even if there are additional payroll elements to be included in the processing. Cloud solution is adopted to achieve cost effectiveness. We are very glad to provide guidance on the mobile app.
Our payroll specialists are well-trained and equipped with the most advanced payroll systems to process even the most complex payroll account. Our service ensures that government remittances such as CPF contributions are paid on time, tax filing requirements are followed and payroll information is kept confidential at offsite facilities.
Paying your people the right way, at the right time is critical. It's also a chore. We help farm and small business owners manage payroll so they can focus on bigger things, like their own success.
Payroll (Compliant with CPF and Employment Act)
At a certain stage of most business incorporated in Singapore, hiring of employees is a natural stage for the growth of the company. With that, the management of payroll comes into the picture of running the business. Effective management of payroll plays an important role in both meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining healthy employee relationship with the company. The main difficulty that companies face is usually lacking the financial, legal and operational framework capabilities from an established human resources department.
Administer monthly payrolls, including: Maintain payroll file for your employees (basic salary, overtime, bonus etc) Calculating and filing monthly statutory contributions such as CPF, SDL, FWL etc) Generating giro bank file to client Publishing payslips Provide monthly payroll reporting Provide IR8A for personal tax filing Submit adhoc statutory claims for NS men, maternity, child care etc (Additional $3 / pax ) Leave management system (Additional $3 /pax)
Manage employee salaries more easily & automate payments with WordPress Payroll System Plugin The payroll extension enables you to manage your employees' salary from the WordPress dashboard.
Stay compliant with the help of our payroll services for small business. We make it simple to hand off year-end tax filings and payroll processes.
Stay compliant, pay employees on time, and get help when you need it. Assurance your team is paid on time while you focus on doing what you love Run payroll multiple times for all employees Allow employees access to W-2s and paystubs
Full-Service Filings Direct Deposit W-2’s and 1099’s PTO and Time Tracking Certified HR Experts Department Mapping
Our related company, Tn Online Payroll Pte Ltd caters to companies of all sizes in Singapore since 2004. We ensure professional administration, absolute confidentiality, and consistent and timely delivery in all of our payroll services. Any and all information processed by us will be kept in a separate server with an auto-backup facility. This means that you will never have to worry about data breaches from us, and that you will always be able to recover your data easily.
Correctly counted payrolls play a vital role in employees’ happiness. Moreover, changing local legislation policies frustrates many businesses and consumes time. Whether your payroll is already outsourced or currently processed in-house, letting Baltic Assist Finance Department take care of your payroll is cost-effective and a proven method. Thus, our payroll team can manage the whole process for you. We are working very closely with partners from the Nordic region and most of Western Europe.
By hiring our team for Payroll services Singapore, you can completely put your mind at ease. Our professional will solve all your issues in no time, and you can spend all your energy on other fruitful activities.
Our payroll services are equipped with an in-depth understanding of MOM and CPF regulation among other official authorities. We adhere to the deadlines provided as per the law of monthly submissions.
Personal CFO Consultations Revenue projections COGS budget Headcount budget Payroll budget Non-payroll budget Forecast drivers based on historical trends, financial ratios, or custom inputs Sensitivity analysis Scenario planning Robust three statement models
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A streamlined set of automatic payroll features and benefits integrations.
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Comprehensive payroll, benefits, and HR tools for employers building a great place to work.
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Osome provides payroll services such as computation of gross to net salary and CPF, provision of payroll detail, provision of variance reports, disbursement of net salary and CPF. Additionally, they will help with preparation of year-end IR8A forms and appendices. The company experts will handle preparation of IR21, GML, NS MUP, CPF refund and government statistics forms. Moreover, the Osome team offers electronic administration of employees’ leave and expense claims.
Payroll services are provided by third-party organizations and are intended to help businesses with their payroll processing and other related matters.
There are many reasons why payroll services are better outsourced than handled in the house. Running everything in-house will only increase the cost of operating a business and you sure want to lower that as much as possible. The most important question to ask here is; just how many hours will your employees devote to the distribution of checks, the creation of the payroll and the execution of the other related duties and then ask yourself whether the kind of money you pay this employee every month is really worth it. You should put them onto other tasks and outsource the payroll services.
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KBA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
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Payroll services

One way or another, almost every company, whether it is a legal entity, individual entrepreneur or other type of company, faces the need to calculate salaries for employees. Even if there is only one person, for example, the founder and director of an LLC or sole proprietorship, it is still necessary to calculate salaries, taxes, deductions to funds, and so on.

If the number of employees is small, it is quite difficult to have an accountant on staff. Therefore, quite often, business owners resort to the services of third-party accountants or firms specializing in accounting services. At the same time, the company can order both a full-range of accounting and bookkeeping services, and payroll services separately.

Payroll services in Singapore include help with Employer of Record, Professional Employer Organization, and outsourced contract staff management service. Moreover, payroll companies in Singapore can help with maintaining payroll files for direct employees or outsourced contracts, ensure compliance with Singapore payroll laws & rules, and arrange accurate payroll processing and salary disbursements to employees. 

Additionally, payroll companies in Singapore can assist with providing e-slips for all employees using cloud based payroll software and submit yearly employee income declaration tax files to the Inland Revenue Authority. Besides, payroll services providers can prepare detailed company payroll management reports for management review, prepare and submit ad hoc statutory claims such as national services.

Incorporate Business Online has prepared a list of payroll companies in Singapore where you can find all types of service providers and choose the one that will suit your business.


How does a payroll service work?

Payroll service allows businesses to transfer to a professional provider functions such as payroll calculating. Also, payroll service providers help with related payroll taxes, preparing documents and necessary reports for authorities.


You will be interested in payroll outsourcing if:


  • you are interested in reducing the costs of the personnel department and accounting;
  • your company is small, and it is unprofitable to keep a specialist;
  • your company is a start-up;
  • you have a geographically distributed structure;
  • you have a complex payroll system.

How to use a payroll service?

There are many payroll services, and most of them are internet-based solutions. Usually, a payroll services provider team will show you how to use their systems. Moreover, most of the platforms have a detailed guide on how to use their system.

How to choose payroll services or software?

To choose the right system, pay attention to the following points:


  • Explore the features of the services and determine which ones you need;
  • Depending on the size of your company, different services may suit you or not, so pay attention to basic or advanced functionality;
  • Read reviews and watch videos about services;
  • Compare plans and choose the best option;
  • Sign up for a free consultation or demo, this will allow you to have a look at the program interface.

What is payroll software?

Payroll software allows automating accounting operations for calculating payroll and helps keep personnel records. Using payroll management systems, you can avoid errors in accruals, store information in a convenient form, and analyze and make decisions based on transparent data.

What is the best payroll software?

The best payroll software is the one that fulfills your needs, suits your business, and allows you to save time.


The best payroll software in 2022 are:


  • Gusto
  • Paychex Flex
  • QuickBooks Payroll
  • Workful
  • OnPay
  • ADP
  • Payroll4Free
  • Rippling

Does payroll software save time?

When you running a business, time is the key factor. Internal payroll management requires a lot of attention and time. Moreover, these requirements increase as you hire more employees.

Outsourcing payroll to third-party service providers will help you buy time to work on other critical business and people management tasks. Plus, you won’t have to hire an in-house team to handle payroll inquiries, payroll taxes, and so on.

What features should a payroll service for small businesses have?

The main features of any payroll service should include:


  • Work with the timesheet and payroll calculation;
  • Calculation of benefits, vacation pay, and illness payments for each employee;
  • Automatic accounting of alimony, allowances, and other charges;
  • Payroll on a piece-rate basis;
  • Working with different taxation regimes and flexible settings for tax deductions;
  • Reporting forms with the ability to export to different formats;
  • A full range of personnel records such as hiring and dismissal, resolutions, and staff schedule;
  • Settlement and payrolls.

What is the difference between on-prem and cloud payroll software?

The main difference is that on-premise payroll software is installed in a local network and the company hosts everything in-house. Access to on-prem software is limited.

The cloud software is hosted by a third-party provider and allows you to work with it anywhere and anytime.