Insurance Services Companies

Today, there are a lot of companies that provide insurance services in Singapore. You can choose from a wide range of service providers, such as small business insurance companies, and insurance providers for medium and large enterprises. Best insurance companies in Singapore offer such services as general insurance in Singapore, insurance advisory services, online insurance in Singapore, and many more. 

Insurance companies in Singapore cover such industries as aerospace, commercial motor, energy, financial lines, marine, property and others. Moreover, they offer insurance plans that cover your employees, offer protection from potential risks, multi-line insurance for small & medium businesses, multinational solutions, and innovative risk retention solutions.

Additionally, most companies offer liability insurance solutions that will protect you from third-party claims and business lawsuits. These solutions include Commercial General Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Product Liability, Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, and many others. 

Also, you can purchase insurance online, if the service provider has such option.

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Additional services provided by Insurance Companies in Singapore

Insurance service providers in Singapore offer different types of services such as insurance bonds, employee & worker insurance, construction insurance and others. Insurance bonds include employment insurance bonds, GST security deposits, GST bonds, immigration & checkpoints authority bonds, maritime port authority bonds, MOM security bonds, performance bonds, and undertaking bonds. Employee insurance includes employee benefit, foreign worker medical insurance, and work injury compensation insurance. 

To find an insurance company that suits your business best, we created an Incorporate Business Online. Our platform will help you to search and choose the company that fits your particular needs. 


What are the insurance services?

Business insurance services — are comprehensive and effective measures aimed at minimizing the risks of financial and image losses in cases of harm to the life and health of employees or damage to property, estate, and assets. Also, business insurance allows you to protect your suppliers and customers. 

Incorporate Business Online offers you a complete list of insurance service providers in Singapore that will help you with insurance-related issues.

How to get liability insurance for a small business?

Public liability insurance in Singapore covers all the matters related to third-party claims for bodily injury, damage to someone else’s property and legal costs. This type of insurance is very important if your business interacts with the general public. 

To get any type of liability insurance in Singapore, you need to contact a licensed insurance service provider.

What is the most important type of insurance?

There are 3 main types of insurance that we recommend having for every business. 

  • Property insurance

This type of insurance includes fire insurance, theft insurance, terrorism insurance, business interruption insurance, and select insurance plans. 

  • Employees insurance

Covers work injury compensation insurance, basic health insurance, and insurance for S Pass and Work Permit holders. 

  • Legal liability insurance

It is necessary to mention public liability insurance, director & officer insurance, and professional indemnity insurance. 

To choose the insurance that suits best to your business, we recommend performing a business threat assessment and consult with a licensed insurance services provider. 

Why do we need an insurance?

Business insurance allows you to insure real estate, goods or obligations to third parties. In case of trouble, the insurance payment should cover the losses. This is a guarantee for the business and its effective protection, which allows you to minimize costs and delegates them to an insurance company. Another benefit of insurance is that the cost of it can be taken into account when calculating the taxable base and reduce income tax and value added tax.