WP ERP allows small and medium businesses to optimize their processes with HR, CRM, and accounting solutions. WP ERP offers more than 20 different extensions and offers a project management module.

WP ERP Accounting has such features as synchronization with WooCommerce, shows sales transactions, allows you to invoice & receive payments, and has a payment gateway extension (Stripe, PayPal). Moreover, WP ERP Accounting allows you to create estimations and has an automatic calculation of tax rates. Also, the solution has such features as tracking expense transactions, purchase transactions, journals for the double-entry system, payroll management, preloaded accounts, chart of accounts, banking management and reports (ledger, trial balance, income statement, and sales tax), and much more.

WP ERP HR management solution allows you to manage all company information, manage locations, add & list departments, manage holidays, allow employees to request leave, create employee profiles, manage employee leaves & leave policies, and others.

With the WP ERP client management tool you can create contact groups, make notes for each customer, filter contacts using keywords or attributes, create company profiles, schedule meetings & call directly, and assign contacts & tasks. Also, there are such features as contacts with life stages, activity logs, and CRM activity reports (customers & business growth).

WP ERP has additional extensions such as advanced leave management, payment gateway, payroll extension, workflow, reimbursement, custom field builder, attendance management system extensions, and others.

WP ERP can be integrated with Zendesk, Help Scout, Awesome Support, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and other third-party solutions.


$5 Payment Gateway
$9,5 Payroll
$6 WooCommerce Integration
$9,5 Workflow
$5 Reimbursement
$5 Custom Field Builder
$5 Inventory

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What services does WP ERP provide

We provide services in the following areas Accounting, Payment Gateway, Payroll, WooCommerce Integration, Workflow, Reimbursement, Custom Field Builder, Inventory

What are the rates for services at WP ERP

Our service prices begin at 5

How can I contact WP ERP

You can , or via social networks ["Facebook","Twitter","YouTube"]