J Accounting Services is a Singaporean firm that provides professional business services for local and foreign companies. The company offers such services as incorporation, accounting, payroll, advisory, auditing, secretarial, taxation and other services. 

Incorporation packages delivered by J Accounting Services include advisory on company incorporation-related matters, preparation of standard constitution for company, and e-notice. Additionally, the packages include company name check & reservations. 

Their secretarial package includes compliance with the SIngapore Companies Act, provision of nominee company secretary, Annual General Meeting preparation, Annual Return Filing with ACRA, safekeeping of statutory registers, and ACRA compliance alert & reminders. Also, it includes maintenance of statutory registers, and non routine duties for General Meeting related matters. Other secretarial services include preparation of minutes & resolutions of Directors/Shareholders, nominee Director/Shareholder services, change of registered services/local company name, increase in shares allotment, share transfer, updating of officer particulars, and company strike off. 

Accounting package offered by J Accounting Services includes XERO software setup & training, XERO subscription, monthly accounts for management purpose, year-end financial statements, compilation of Annual Report, Estimated Chargeable Income, year-end tax computation, taxation return filing with IRAS, and support via phone/Skype/email. Other accounting services include trial balance, income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and monthly/quarterly/year-end review. 

J Accounting Services delivers taxation services such as company tax preparation & filing, Estimated Chargeable Income, personal tax computation, lodgement via a consultation, and GST computation & submission. 

The company offers advisory services for small businesses that include company internal control advice, Productivity and Innovation Credit grant assistance, cash flow management, and many more. 

Additionally, they can provide auditing services such as statutory audits, internal audits, special audits, forensic accounting, fraud investigations, and due diligence.


$117 Accounting

Monthly 3-in-1 Accounting Package Includes: Xero Software Setup & Training for All Companies Xero Accounting Software Subscription (Starter OR Standard Plan only) Monthly Accounts for Management purpose Year End Financial Statements and Compilation of Annual Report Estimated Chargeable Income (“ECI”) Year End Tax Computation, Tax Supporting Schedules and Taxation Return Filing with IRAS Supports – Phone Call / Skype /Email support Updates – Regularly update and advice you on Company Tax, Government Grants and Business matters

$309 Incorporation

Only one-time flat fee for all company incorporation: Fees are quoted in local currency of Singapore dollars. Once you appoint us to Incorporate your Company, you can just sit back, relax and get ready to start your business.

$900 Secretary

This Company Secretary Package fees Inclusive of: Compliance with the Singapore Companies Act (Chapter 50) Provision of Nominee Company Secretary Annual General Meeting Preparation (Routine Duties) Annual Return Filing with ACRA (Routine Duties) Safekeeping of Statutory Registers ACRA Compliance Alert & Reminders Maintaining of Statutory Registers Non Routine Duties except for Board Meeting Related Matters Non Routine Duties except for General Meeting Related Matters Performing Duties Relating to Legislative Changes to the Companies Act If you prefer to DIY on the last 4 items… get $400 discount.

$600 Payroll

There are many reasons why payroll services are better outsourced than handled in the house. Running everything in-house will only increase the cost of operating a business and you sure want to lower that as much as possible. The most important question to ask here is; just how many hours will your employees devote to the distribution of checks, the creation of the payroll and the execution of the other related duties and then ask yourself whether the kind of money you pay this employee every month is really worth it. You should put them onto other tasks and outsource the payroll services.

$600 Taxation Services

Tax planning is applicable whether you are a personal individual or a business. This is an area that you should think about during the course of business plans and setup. Did you know that quality tax planning allows you to save and minimize tax in the legal way? Well, if you are an owner-operated businesses where you are owners or shareholder as well as the director and person managing and running the firm, then tax planning is all the more beneficial for you.


Being your personal consultant for each individuals matter, each of you enjoy exclusivity treatment from us. You receive timely regular updates of latest news information from the governments regulations or even the inland revenue authority of Singapore (IRAS ), if its applicable to your situation. You obtain quality advice. That is our assurance for you with our excellent team.


J Accounting Services have a few partners in different professional audit firms. You can have the peace of mind as we will recommend you the best audit firm that fits your needs and requirements. This also depends on the nature and complexity of your business. J Accounting Services – your preferred choice. We provide the accounting services, filing with authorities of Singapore, taxation services, corporate secretarial services and other related company compliance service while our audit partner firms would provide you with auditing services. As for those of you whose accounts needs to be audited as well, then this one-stop solution at J Accounting would save you lots of trouble.

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What services does J Accounting provide

We provide services in the following areas Accounting , Incorporation , Secretary , Payroll , Taxation Services, Advisory , Auditing

What are the rates for services at J Accounting

Our service prices begin at 117

How can I contact J Accounting

You can call us +65 8608 4328, come to the office 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, Singapore 768160 768160, contact us via email at, or via social networks ["Facebook"]

What country is J Accounting headquartered in

Our organization is headquartered in Singapore