Escrow Consulting Group provides accounting, bookkeeping, and financial services across the globe. The company has offices in Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. They deliver such services as outsourced financial analysis, business planning, budgeting & forecasting, cash flow management, risk management, auditing, payroll, bank reconciliation, and much more.

Bookkeeping services provided by ECG include setting up accounting systems & software, undertaking payroll duties & compliance, entering transactions, and performing checks & reconciliations.

ECG cash flow management services include cash flow forecasting & planning, cost & benefit analysis, cash flow reports, account receivable & payable, reconciliation of credit card reports, management of electronic payments & receipts, income & expenditure analysis, and investment decision making.

As a part of the risk management services ECG will assist with strategic risk, compliance risk, operational risk, and reputational risk.

ECG provides taxation services such as VAT registration, VAT computation, and submission of the VAT returns.

In addition, payroll services provided by ECG include salary accounting, computation of expense claims & benefits, country-specific tax, arrears & increments, performance incentives, awards & rewards, attendance & overtime, and paid time off.

ECG assists in the preparation of financial statements such as statements of retained earnings, balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flows, and footnote disclosure.

ECG auditors will help by reviewing and investigating areas of your business that need specific attention such as human resources policies, quality & safety policies, operational procedures, and accounting cycle audits.



Accounting service is the process of recording and reporting of financial transactions of the companies. The main point of accounting is to consolidate accurate data.


We provide Bookkeeping Services, Bookkeeping involves the process of recording, analyzing, and interpreting the financial transactions of a business or individual. The discipline of bookkeeping accounts for a large proportion of the accounting process. A bookkeeper’s duty is to set up financial statements so that an accountant can easily perform legal and tax management in a timely manner.

Company Registration

Company Registration services allow company owners to officially register their businesses.


Escrow Consulting Group has the honor of being the leading professional Chartered Accountant firm in Islamabad, Pakistan. Escrow Consulting Group is providing Audit and Assurance Services, Taxation and Law Services, Corporate Law and Secretarial Services, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, Business Advisory Services, Non-Financial and Financial Management, Business Consulting, HR Consulting, Cash Flow Management, KPI setup, industry Benchmarking Business Risk and Information System Consulting.


Corporate secretary services are provided by third-party companies and are aimed at helping businesses with their every day operational needs.


Escrow Consulting Group offers Payroll Setup & Management services as well. This area deals with the administration of the financial record related to employees, their salaries and wages, bonuses, net pay, as well as deductions. With the provision of accounting help for small businesses, we aim to make a difference in the industry, allowing you to reach your desired benchmarks. Payroll setup & management services were never so easy to avail but with the advent of cloud technology payroll setup and management is very easy to outsource to a trusted party.


Escrow Consulting Group provides full spectrum taxation services to businesses. Our services include registration, computation, and submission of taxes.

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4 Reviews


  • Paul Bryson
    experience is amazing

    Business planning was the reason I decided to contact these specialists, and I can tell you that I wasn’t disappointed with my choice at all. They provided me with all the necessary info and were really patient with me because I was pretty picky in some aspects, so overall experience is amazing.

    November 30, 2022

  • Teller M.
    I'm grateful

    Escrow Consulting Group turned out to be a real salvation to me, and working with their team was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. I’m grateful that I contacted these professionals, they are always ready to answer any questions, and I really appreciate that.

    December 3, 2022

  • Colin Penman
    Highly appreciate that

    Detail-oriented and organized, Escrow Consulting Group makes sure that everything is filed appropriately, and I highly appreciate that. There were some slight misunderstandings at the start, but even when they pop up to this day, they’re not that hard to solve, and I wouldn’t say that it actually bothers me much.

    December 28, 2022

  • Tim Lewis
    Highly recommend!

    These specialists were always answering my questions and pointing me in the right direction, and it’s pretty clear that they have a great experience in accounting and financial services. Their responsiveness and reliability secure our ongoing collaboration, so highly recommend turning to them.

    December 29, 2022

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What services does Escrow Consulting Group provide

We provide services in the following areas Accounting, Bookkeeping, Company Registration, Auditing, Secretary, Payroll, Tax

How can I contact Escrow Consulting Group

You can call us +971 554 018 657, come to the office Marina Plaza - Dubai Marina - Dubai - Объединенные Арабские Эмираты 112229, contact us via email at, or via social networks ["Facebook","Twitter","Instagram"]

What are the opening hours of Escrow Consulting Group

We work from 8:00am to 6:00pm, GMT+4

What country is Escrow Consulting Group headquartered in

Our organization is headquartered in United Arab Emirates