Tax Advisor Firms in Singapore

Tax advisor firms in Singapore help companies comply with tax law and act as tax agents with Singapore tax authorities. They provide a wide range of services that include tax compliance & filing services (monitoring of statutory tax filing deadlines and payment due dates, preparation & review of finalized tax returns, applications for Singapore tax incentives and Productivity and Innovation Credit benefits, filing of Form C and Form C-S for company income tax returns and tax clearance & withholding tax services), tax advisory services (tax due diligence reviews, analysis of business flow & contracts), GST planning (GST registration, GST advice on local transactions). Tax consultants will help you with preparing taxes and assist with tax returns. 

We have prepared a list of tax advisor firms in Singapore.

Taxation services in Singapore

Singapore, as an international financial center, offers significant tax incentives and a favorable investment climate as a base for the development of regional and international business companies. Experienced tax consultants in Singapore will help you to understand what tax incentives are applicable to your business and how to apply them.

Singapore implements the territorial principle of taxation. It means that if a company’s management is located outside Singapore, profits from foreign sources are not subject to taxation in Singapore.

Since 2003, Singapore has adopted a one-tier taxation system, so all dividends received by a shareholder are exempt from taxes and do not contain franked dividend (an additional amount paid by the company on account of tax on dividends).

Singapore also has no taxes on dividends, capital gains, investment income and bank interest.

Overall, Singapore remains one of the lowest tax jurisdictions in Asia (17%), ahead of China (25%), Taiwan (25%), Malaysia (26%), Thailand (20%) and second only to Hong Kong (16.5%).

Tax residence is determined by the location of management and control over the activities of the company. 

In Singapore, the territorial principle of taxation is used, the tax is charged on income originating or arising in Singapore, as well as on income received in Singapore from foreign sources.

Amount of tax is calculated based on the income received by the company during the last tax year (period). Tax period is a calendar year, however, in relation to the company’s profits, the financial year will usually be applied. The company declares the income received, after which the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) calculates the amount of tax.

Tax advisor in Singapore will help with company and personal tax compliance, preparation of company tax return, filing of Estimated Chargeable Income, GST registration and preparation & submission of GST returns. 

Incorporate Business Online offers you a list of tax consultancy firms in Singapore that will help you to find the best tax service provider for your business.


What is a tax consultant?

In general, a tax consultant provides assistance, makes an analysis, and makes recommendations on: 

  • business management; 
  • finance; 
  • business law; 
  • taxation; 
  • accounting. 


He can represent the interests of a company or an individual client with the customs or tax authorities. 

Tax consultants can be internal or external. Internal consultants work in the staff of the organization, the external consultants are individual entrepreneurs or independent firms, whose services are paid on a contractual basis.

What does a tax consultant do?

Duties of a tax consultant may include:


  • Advising on tax-related matters;
  • Consulting company executives on the volume of tax risks;
  • Tax audit and due diligence-related matters;
  • Development of options for optimizing taxation, taking into account the characteristics of firms;
  • Participation in the litigations on special issues in courts, including arbitration;
  • Monitoring changes in tax legislation and informing about them;
  • Drawing up reports, conclusions, and reviews.