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Incorporate Business Online offers you a listing of top companies in Singapore. It will be especially beneficial to those who have trouble finding a registered company that best suits their business. 

Our list of companies has a wide range of corporate service providers in Singapore that will help with your business needs. You can find accounting, auditing, incorporation, payroll, secretarial services, taxation, and accounting software providers. 

There are many corporate companies in Singapore providing a wide range of different services such as company incorporation, audits, assistance with tax-related matters, corporate secretary, financial statements preparation, general ledger maintenance, and many others. With our listing, you will find the service provider you need within minutes!

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List of corporate service providers in Singapore

Incorporate Business Online list of companies include professional service providers in Singapore. In Singapore company list you can find tax advisor, company incorporation, auditing, accounting and bookkeeping, and payroll firms. 

Companies in Singapore provide different corporate services. For example, accounting service providers can help with set-up of accounting systems, data entry, payroll accounting, unaudited financial reports, financial reporting, accounting data review, account reconstructions and XBRL financial reports. 

Also, Singapore companies that provide corporate services can assist with the appointment of the company secretary, preparation of Annual General Meetings, annual filing with ACRA, maintenance of statutory books & registers, and preparation of directors’ resolutions.

Moreover, corporate companies in Singapore can help with business incorporation. Incorporation services include preparation of share certificates and ACRA annual return. Besides, they will help with the constitution of the company, ACRA profile company, e-notice of incorporation, first directors’ resolutions, and company registered address. 

Additionally, companies in Singapore can assist with tax calculation and tax incentives. Especially, they can help with corporate tax services, give personal taxation advice, provide international tax solutions, assist with Goods and Services tax, and review and prepare transfer pricing documentation. 

Incorporate Business Online list of Singapore companies helps to find and to choose the ideal service provider for your business and allows you to focus on your business goals while service providers will manage operational tasks. 


How many companies are there in Singapore?

According to Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority business registry statistics, there are 562,018 companies in Singapore. This number includes Businesses (Partnerships & Sole Proprietorships), Companies (Local & Foreign), Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Public Accounting Firms, and Variable Capital Companies.

How to find financial statements for private companies in Singapore?

You can purchase audited financial statements filed by private companies in Singapore using this service


To find and buy financial statements you need to follow these easy steps:


  1. Find “Buy information”;
  2. Click “Other information”;
  3. Click “Extract”;
  4. Choose “Enter UEN and Date Range”; 
  5. Tap “Select Extract Category”;
  6. Financial statements will be in the section “Financial Information”. 


Also, you may acquire audited financial statements with or without CorpPass or Singpass. You just need to click on “Customer without CorpPass/Singpass.” 

Additionally, you can get these documents from the following information service providers.