Description provides outsourced accounting services for startups, small SMEs, and MNCs. They offer competitive pricing and service guarantee. Among the services they provide, you can mention accounting & bookkeeping services, company secretarial, corporate tax filing, payroll, and company incorporation services. provides bookkeeping services such as management of the general ledger, maintenance of the accounts payable & receivable ledger with summary, preparation of fixed asset schedule listing, and preparation of monthly management accounts. Also, they will prepare a Yearly Annual Report (unaudited financial statements and notes to account) and set up a new account code system for newly registered companies. will assist you in recording journal entries, recording all transactions, preparing monthly Bank Reconciliations, preparing financial analyses, and so on.

Payroll services provided by include administration of monthly payrolls, maintenance of payroll files for your employees, calculation & filing of monthly statutory contributions, and generation of GIRO bank files to you. Moreover, the company will help to publish payslips and submit statutory Adhoc claims (NS men, maternity, childcare, and others). will provide monthly payroll reporting and IR8A for personal tax filing. provides corporate tax services such as monitoring the statutory deadlines, ensuring compliance with filing requirements, preparing & filing Estimated Chargeable Income, preparing corresponding tax schedules, and highlighting any tax issues identified. Also, they will help to compute corporate tax, submit corporate annual tax returns to IRAS, handle inquiries fromIRAS and assist in tax investigations & audits.


$613 Company Incorporation Services

Check and reserve the desired company name (inclusive of fee paid to ACRA – $15). Register company with ACRA (inclusive of fees paid to ACRA – $300). Provide a copy of Business Profile (inclusive of fee paid to ACRA – $5.50) Prepare Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&A) and other document such as Form 45, Form 45B, etc Provide registered business address Prepare minutes of first directors’ resolutions Provide share certificate(s) Provide common seal Provide company secretary services for 1 year, including the necessary directors’ resolution for the opening of first bank account and maintenance of minute book and statutory registers

$72 Accounting And Bookkeeping Services

Manage the General Ledger Maintain the Accounts Payable Ledger with summary Maintain the Accounts Receivable Ledger with summary Prepare fixed asset schedule listing with summary Prepare Monthly Management Accounts Prepare Yearly Annual Report (unaudited financial statements, including notes to account) Set up new account code system for new registered company Record journal entry Recording all transactions, including sales and expenses Prepare monthly Bank Reconciliation Services with additional charge: Translate financial statement report into XBRL format Compute and submit quarterly GST returns Prepare financial analysis

$253 Corporate Secretarial Services

Year End Annual Filing Fee: Ensure meeting such as the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting comply with the organisation’s governing document and its procedures (eg. voting and quota). Ensure publication (such as annual reports and accounts) and their dissemination, comply with the organisation’s governing document and statuory requirements. Filing of Annual Returns Additional Service for 1 Year Appointment: Maintain statutory registers and minutes book Remind clients on filing deadlines Complete and file statutory forms promptly with ACRA, including: Changes to registered address Changes to company name Changes in directors and directors’ particulars Filing for share transfers, restructuring, reduction etc Prepare director’s report and directors’ resolutions Issue Share Certificates

$11 Payroll Services

Administer monthly payrolls, including: Maintain payroll file for your employees (basic salary, overtime, bonus etc) Calculating and filing monthly statutory contributions such as CPF, SDL, FWL etc) Generating giro bank file to client Publishing payslips Provide monthly payroll reporting Provide IR8A for personal tax filing Submit adhoc statutory claims for NS men, maternity, child care etc (Additional $3 / pax ) Leave management system (Additional $3 /pax)

$284 Corporate Taxation Services

Monitor the statutory deadlines and ensure compliance with filing requirements Prepare and file Estimated Chargeable Income (“ECI”) within 3 months from your company’s financial year-end Prepare corresponding tax schedules and highlight any tax issues identified Compute corporate tax Submit corporate annual tax returns to IRAS Handle inquiries from IRAS and verify assessments by IRAS Lodge appeal or objection to IRAS as necessary Assist in tax investigations or tax audit Advise on tax rulings and application of tax incentives

$270 Strike Off Company Services

Prepare all necessary documentation for company strike off Apply and file for Striking Off with ACRA (inclusive of all government filing fees) Submit tax clearance document to IRAS Handle inquiries from ACRA and IRAS on your behalf Follow up till the company is stricken off

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What services does Pte Ltd provide

We provide services in the following areas Company Incorporation Services , Accounting And Bookkeeping Services , Corporate Secretarial Services, Payroll Services, Corporate Taxation Services, Strike Off Company Services

What are the rates for services at Pte Ltd

Our service prices begin at 11

How can I contact Pte Ltd

You can call us +65 6750 4455, come to the office 10 Anson Rd, #38 03 International Plaza, Singapore 079903 079903, contact us via email at, or via social networks ["Facebook"]

What are the opening hours of Pte Ltd

We work from 9:30am to 8:30pm, GMT+8

What country is Pte Ltd headquartered in

Our organization is headquartered in Singapore