ExpertBells is an Indian company that provides business services for entrepreneurs. They provide such services as business registration, registration & license, tax & compliance, trademark, copyright & patent, and other services.

ExpertBells provides registration services and assists with registration of Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company, One Person Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Partnership Firm, Sole Proprietorship, and Udyam/MSME registration.

ExpertBells will assist with annual returns in Form MGT-7, financial statements in Form AOC-4, balance sheet, profit & loss account, Director’s report, cash flow statement, auditor’s reports, and the consolidated financial statement. Also, they will help with income tax returns, secretarial audit report in Form MR-3, and compliances under all rules & regulations with SEBI, Form MGT-14, and Form MGT-15.

ExpertBells registration & license services include GST registration online, FSSAI registration, Import Export Code License, trade license, ISO certification, and Startup India Portal registration. Also, they will help with GSTR-1 filing and GSTR-3B filing.

ExpertBells provides Goods & Service Tax services, such as GST monthly filing, GST quarterly filing under QRMP, GST filings under Composition Scheme, and GST Annual Return Filing. Corporate compliance services include Company Annual Filing, LLP Annual Filing, DIN KYC, auditor appointment, and change in director. Income tax services include PAN/TAN application, Hindu Undivided Family, income tax return for individuals & business owners and TDS Return Filing.

ExpertBells offers accounting services that include recording of entries for the completed financial year, preparation of ledger accounts (cash, sales, purchases, and expenses), preparation of receipts & expenses statement, preparation of balance sheet, bank reconciliation statement, statement of the balance of account receivables & payables, and stock summary.


$19 Accounting

One of the pre requisites for any business entity is proper maintenance of books of accounts. Accounting helps in establishing an adequate financial management and their proper reporting to authorities. All businesses are required to maintain their books of accounts every financial year. Whether you a sale or purchase something, a record will be maintained of the respective transaction. This record will allow you to easily keep a track of all your transactions and will help you analyse how you can cut costs and lower taxes. However, many small businesses do not have fully staffed and adequate accounting departments and require the help of external bookkeeping services. So we can help your business maintain its books through our network of CA/CSs and tax experts.

$9 Tax

Every person earning an income above a certain amount is subject to income tax. The income could be under various heads like salary, rent or business or professional income. The tax subjected on these incomes is called the income tax. A simple form is to be filed as a statement of income earned with the Income Tax Department. It is organized in such a way that calculating tax liability, scheduling tax payments, or requesting refunds for the overpayment of taxes has been made quite easy for the taxpayers. The taxpayers must first determine the type of Income Tax Return (ITR) Form they need to fill.

$82 Company Registration

A Private limited Company is a company which is privately held by business owners. The members of a Private limited company have a limited liability with respect to the amount of shares respectively held by them. Private limited company is incorporated and regulated under the Companies Act 2013 & its registration is governed by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Private limited company is a substantial option to start a business in India& it creates a huge possibility of Growth and Expansion. ExpertBells can help you with Private Limited Company registration at a very affordable price.

$315 Public Limited Company Registration

A public limited company (PLC) is a separate legal business entity that has limited liability and offers shares to the general public. The company can invite public for subscription of securities through an IPO or via Trades on the stock exchange. Incorporating a Public Limited Company is a suitable option for large scale businesses that require huge capital. For Public Limited Company Registration, the company must have minimum 3 Directors, 7 Shareholders and need Rs 5 Lakhs of Paid up Share Capital. A Public Limited Company is strictly regulated and is required to publish its true financial health to its shareholders.


A document which furnishes all the purchases, sales, tax paid on purchases, and tax collected on sales and other related details is called the GST Return. The GST Return is required to be filed with the tax authorities following which the taxpayer has to pay off the tax liability. There are various types of GST Returns varying from monthly to quarterly and further to annually depending upon various schemes and conditions. Let us further know about GST monthly return filing.

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