ExpertBells is an Indian company dedicated to offering comprehensive business services for entrepreneurs. They specialize in various services, including business registration, licensing, tax compliance, trademark, copyright, patent, and more.

ExpertBells excels in registration services, assisting clients in registering various types of businesses, such as Public Limited Companies, Private Limited Companies, One Person Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, Partnership Firms, Sole Proprietorships, and Udyam/MSME registration.


Proper maintenance of books of accounts is a prerequisite for any business entity. Accounting establishes financial management and reporting to authorities. All businesses must maintain their books of accounts annually. Whether you make a sale or purchase, a record of the transaction will be maintained. This record allows you to track all transactions and analyze cost-cutting and tax reduction opportunities. However, small businesses often lack sufficient accounting departments and may need external bookkeeping services. We can assist your business in maintaining its books through our network of CA/CSs and tax experts.


All individuals earning above a specific amount are liable to pay income tax. This tax is applicable to different sources of income such as salary, rent, business, or professional income. To comply with this, individuals must submit a simple income statement to the Income Tax Department. This form is designed to simplify the process of calculating tax liability, scheduling tax payments, and requesting refunds for any excess tax paid. Taxpayers need to determine the appropriate Income Tax Return (ITR) Form to complete.

Company Registration

A Private limited Company is privately held by business owners. Members have limited liability based on their shares. It is incorporated and regulated under the Companies Act 2013, with registration governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). It is a great option to start a business in India, offering potential for growth and expansion. ExpertBells offers affordable Private Limited Company registration assistance.

Public Limited Company Registration

A PLC is a separate legal entity with limited liability that offers shares to the public. It can invite the public to subscribe to securities through an IPO or stock exchange trades. Incorporating a PLC is suitable for large businesses needing significant capital. To register a PLC, it must have at least 3 directors, 7 shareholders, and Rs 5 Lakhs of paid-up share capital. A PLC is regulated and must disclose its true financial health to shareholders.


A document that includes purchases, sales, tax paid on purchases, tax collected on sales, and other related details is known as the GST Return. It must be filed with tax authorities, and the taxpayer must pay the tax owed. GST Returns come in different types, such as monthly, quarterly, and annually, depending on schemes and conditions. Let's learn more about filing monthly GST returns.

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