Established in 2006, The Accountancy Partnership is a service provider dedicated to assisting various business entities, including limited companies, startups, sole traders, and limited liability partnerships, with their accounting and bookkeeping needs. Their service offerings encompass accounting, tax return preparation, VAT return submission, CIS return filing, payroll management, and comprehensive bookkeeping services.

For companies, contractors, and small businesses, The Accountancy Partnership offers a robust solution. They provide full accounts prepared by a dedicated accountant, ensuring that these accounts fully comply with HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) guidelines. Additionally, they take care of the necessary compliance procedures, including the submission of accounts to Companies House and HMRC, streamlining the process for their clients.

Accounting Sole Traders

Affordable price for comprehensive accounting assistance with utmost simplicity.

Accounting Limited Companies

Get expert accounting assistance for your expanding business enterprise.

Accounting Partnerships

A friendly and thorough accounting service for you and your partners.


Bookkeeping is an additional service included in our accountancy packages. The quote you receive will cover the expenses for your accounts and tax returns. For more intricate bookkeeping services like currency conversions, we may charge an hourly rate. All fees will be agreed upon in advance before commencing any work.


Our tax accountants ensure that preparing and submitting your return is as easy as possible.


1. We'll notify you of your VAT return deadlines and request your bookkeeping records. 2. Your VAT returns will be completed and thoroughly reviewed for accuracy. 3. Upon receiving your approval, we'll submit your MTD compliant VAT return to HMRC. Task accomplished!


Payroll is an additional service to our accounting packages. The quote you receive will cover the expenses of your accounts and tax returns as well. We have a fixed fee of £8 per month for a maximum of two directors, or £4 per payslip for employees (with a minimum charge of £16 per month).

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