Unison Globus is an accounting firm that delivers services across Canada, Uk, Australia, Singapore, and other Asian countries. They provide such services as outsourced tax preparation, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, management accounts, audit, and virtual assistance services.

Unison Globus provides outsourced tax preparation services such as EXPAT tax service (EXPAT Tax filing, filing FBAR, handling EXPAT compliances) and US personal tax accountant (personal income tax returns, trust & estates, companies & corporations, and so on). Unison Globus provides help with tax resolution (tax debt settlement, bankruptcy, Installment Agreement Negotiations, tax penalty abatements) and tax research (tax professionals, verified references tax & accounting alerts).

Unison Globus provides accounting services that include accounts payable & receivable management, bank & credit card reconciliations, credit card management, fixed assets management, and loan account reconciliation.

Unison Globus provides management account services such as management reports, management accounting, cash flow management, reconciling control accounts, budgeting & forecasting, financial analysis, and cost analysis. Also, they assist with revenue recognition & adjustments, intercompany reconciliation, and consolidated financial statements.

Moreover, Unison Globus provides payroll services including payroll processing, record maintenance, executive payroll services, payroll advisory, payroll accounting, payroll data maintenance, payroll tax reporting, and payroll reconciliation.

Unison Globus delivers virtual admin assistant services such as virtual accounting, virtual bookkeeping, financial operations, administrative tasks, and reports.



These services are time-driven and often require essential employee resources to achieve the required quality and accuracy. This, in turn, affects the firm’s growth due to low profitability and lack of focus on crucial business areas. The confusion to the practitioner here is, “What can be done by firms to come out of this vicious cycle?” The immediate solution is, “Outsource your Accounting and Bookkeeping services with Unison Globus to win your Financial Game.” Yes! You read that right.


The audit is the highest standard of assurance a business can provide to gain credibility with a lender or in case of preparing for sale or a merger. It provides a clear financial picture of any organization. It is critical for audits to be completed with the highest level of precision as the company’s credibility is at stake. It is also important to note that every financial statement does not require the same level of assurance which is why we provide three distinct assurance services – Audit, Review, and Compilation. With a thorough understanding of each level, you can choose which level service fits best for you.


Unison Globus offers three engagement models, each for Bookkeeping & accounting, and Taxation. Costing depends on your requirements. Contact us for a free trial.


Payroll management is a highly complex process due to the challenges of working with a considerable amount of time and attendance data. However, it is critical to any business, and one can’t afford to do away with it. Payroll processing is not just handling timely payment or employee queries, but it also requires extensive knowledge of local, state, and federal laws for employment in the United States. With our full-fledged outsourced payroll services, you get a one-stop solution for all your payroll needs.


Tax preparation service is the process of preparation of tax returns by a professional or organization. It requires special attention to an organization’s financial activities for a specific period and compilation of all invoices and documents relevant to the calculation of the tax. US taxation is one of the most complicated tax systems as it has separate federal, state, and local governments with taxes imposed at each level. It leads to CPA firms investing too much of their time and resources in training their employees to prepare them for the multiple tax return filing compliances. Having served clients for more than a decade in this industry, we are well aware of CPA firms’ challenges in tax preparation, especially during the peak tax season.

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What services does Unison Globus provide

We provide services in the following areas Accounting, Auditing, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax

How can I contact Unison Globus

You can call us +1 407 807 0100, come to the office 2FHR+JQQ, Ахмедабад, Гажарат, Индия 380058, contact us via email at, or via social networks ["Facebook","Twitter","YouTube"]

What country is Unison Globus headquartered in

Our organization is headquartered in India