Singapore Accountants is a platform for small and medium businesses in Singapore that delivers B2B solutions and allows them to achieve their true potential. Among the services provided by Singapore Accountants are accounting, bookkeeping, HR services, audit & assurance, corporate finance, corporate secretarial services, tax preparation and others. 

Bookkeeping and accounting services include monthly financial closing, annual financial statements compilation, comprehensive online data management & storage software, electronic invoice generation, business performance analysis, debtors collection reports, and inventory management reports. 

Singapore Accountants provide audit and assurance services for corporate clients and audit firms. For corporate clients they offer statutory audits in accordance with Singapore Standards if Auditing, and act as an audit coordinator. For audit firms they offer support in review of audit documents, support in staff training, and support in standardization of audit working papers. 

The company HR services include application of Employment Pass, consultation in appointment of skilled employees, payroll computation, filing CPF returns and payroll procession. 

Corporate finance services delivered by Singapore Accountants include treasury management & transformation, risk assessment, financial valuation, working capital management, and risk governance. 

Singapore Accountants provide corporate secretarial services such as company incorporation in SIngapore, acting as named secretary in ACRA records, and maintaining & safekeeping of minutes and registers books (members, directors, secretaries, auditors, managers, directors’ shareholdings, substantial shareholdings, charges, applications of allotments). Moreover, company experts will help with maintenance of minute books of General and Directors’ Meetings, and provide proper maintenance of the company’s statutory records. Additionally, they will assist with coalition documents for opening bank accounts, and advise on secretarial matters. 

Singapore Accountants tax preparation services include filing corporate tax returns, Estimated Chargeable Income filing, tax planning & advisory, and Productivity & Innovation Claims filing.



Good accounting and bookkeeping not only facilitates everyday account maintenance and preparing of financial statements but it also provides insights for sound business decision making as well as financial management. The director of Singapore Accountants – Mr. Syed Jibran Nasir believes that, “The difference between a flourishing business and an average business is ability to take correct critical decisions, and this ability is only possible with high-quality accounting records.”


Our team at Singapore Accountants has experience of working with a broad spectrum of industries and sectors and we can provide your business the stability you need to manage your operations effectively. We at Singapore Accountants offer the comprehensive audit and assurance services by adopting advanced international audit techniques. We also perform all audit planning and risk assessment activities using latest technology and software.

Secretarial Services

Our team will provide advice and assistance in setting up of corporate structures and provide following services Company Incorporation in Republic of Singapore Acting as named secretary in ACRA records Maintaining and safe keeping of Minutes and Registers Books including Register of Members Register of Directors, Secretaries, auditors and Managers Register of Directors’ Shareholdings Register of Substantial Shareholdings Register of Charges Register of applications of allotments Register of Transfers Register of Debenture holders, if any Minute books of General and Directors’ Meetings Proper maintenance of the company’s statutory records Collating documents for opening of Singapore bank account for the company Advise on secretarial/statutory/compliance matters


Singapore is a reputable and dynamic financial hub, companies here need to plan their tax payments in an orderly and proper basis to survive. We at Singapore Accountants help companies to adopt tax efficient approaches which will maximize tax benefits or deductions.

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What services does Singapore Accountants provide

We provide services in the following areas Accounting, Auditing, Secretarial Services, Tax

How can I contact Singapore Accountants

You can call us +65 6100 1961, come to the office Level 42, Suntec Tower Three, 8 Temasek Blvd, Сингапур 038988 038988, contact us via email at

What country is Singapore Accountants headquartered in

Our organization is headquartered in Singapore