Planergy is a procure-to-pay platform for small and medium businesses. The company has offices in Boston, Dublin, and Belgrade. They provide their services for different industries such as healthcare, construction, logistics, education, and many more.

Planergy procurement solutions include procure-to-pay software, purchase order software, e-procurement software, purchasing software, PO system for small businesses, spend analysis software, and purchase requisition software.

Planergy finance and accounts payable solutions include AP automation software and business budgeting.

Plenrgy inventory management software is a real-time inventory management system that has such features as automation of document population (purchase requests, purchase orders, invoices, and others), warehouse management (full inventory visibility, track & update inventory, cycle counts, transfer inventory, work orders, place reorders and others), spend management (first-in, first-out, last-in, last-out).

Planergy vendor and catalog management software have such features as easy vendor onboarding, centralized data management, and support for integration with vendor systems & catalogs. Also, it supports e-invoicing, guided buying, centralized vendor information, full integration with supplier systems, and audit trials. Advanced analytics and catalog management allow you to understand your supply chain’s full potential. Comprehensive supplier management for direct and indirect categories facilitates your spending control and allows you to upgrade your strategic sourcing capabilities.

Planergy business and productivity solutions include workflow automation software, compliance management software, remote work & mobile productivity.



With 3-way and 2-way matching, accounts payable is easy. Full upstream visibility to all requests, approvals, and document uploads, means your AP people can immediately see who ordered what, when it was received, and ensure that the invoice matches. PLANERGY’s Accounts Payable software offers full visibility, making vendor invoice processing easy, while driving efficiencies with AP Automation and ultimately boosting your organization’s bottom line.

Business & Productivity

Automate processes and compliance with best practices to eliminate human error, reduce bottlenecks, improve accuracy, and gain greater financial control.

Accounting Software

Customized workflows enable you to achieve AP automation from purchase requisition through to three-way matching. Modernizing this process ensures that your team can control costs, capture discounts, and reduce errors.

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What services does Planergy provide

We provide services in the following areas Accounting, Business & Productivity, Accounting Software

How can I contact Planergy

You can call us 8007375605, come to the office 550 Cochituate Rd #25, Framingham, MA 01701, США MA01701, contact us via email at, or via social networks ["Facebook","Twitter"]

What country is Planergy headquartered in

Our organization is headquartered in United States