GrowthLab is a US-based accounting firm that helps small and medium businesses. Among the services are accounting, bookkeeping, financial planning & analysis, CFO services, tax consulting, people advisory services, and others.

GrowthLab business accounting services include historical cleanup, Bill Pay, Actuals-to-Budget reporting, grant accounting, 1099 processing & filing, bank & credit card reconciliation, and much more.

GrowthLab offers financial planning and analysis services such as 13-week cash flow, budgeting, long-range financial model, board reporting, investor communications, cap table management, and others.

CFO services provided by GrowthLab include 409a valuations, accessing capital, M&A transaction advisory, employee compensation, succession planning, and bank restructuring advisory.

GrowthLab provides tax services such as tax strategy, tax filing, transaction advisory, and R&D tax credit.

The company offers design of staffing plans services that include the financial capacity to hire, compensation & benefit planning, and department headcount allocation. The company experts will analyze and recommend revenue & expense per employee, operating profit per employee, expenses by department, other people-centered metrics, and scenario planning (cash burn and cash out date). Also, they will optimize and deliver annual reviews & comp planning, flight risk & retention scenarios, managing employee turnover, and understanding employee engagement. Moreover, company experts will deal with HR such as compliance, payroll, taxes, etc..

Additionally, GrowthLab offers marketing services that include data analytics, inbound content marketing, outbound sales campaigns, website optimization, and monthly growth sessions.


$500 Monthly Accounting

Financials Delivered: 25th of Month Transaction Volume: <250/Month Reconciliations: <2 Accounts Transaction Review: via Email Monthly Payroll Reconciliation

$750 Weekly Accounting

Financials Delivered: 15th of Month Transaction Volume: <400/Month Reconciliations: <4 Accounts Transaction Review: via Video Conference Monthly Payroll Reconciliation

$1250 Full-Stack Accounting

Management of Deferred Revenue Schedules, Payroll Allocations, Vendors, and/or Bill Pay Balance Sheet Working Papers Grant Accounting Controller-level Reviews Weekly Check-in Meetings


GrowthLab is an entire finance team in one location. We bring the planning pieces together in a way that keeps your company compliant and maximizes tax savings.

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146 Clifford St, Providence, RI 02903, США


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What services does GrowthLab provide

We provide services in the following areas Monthly Accounting, Weekly Accounting, Full-Stack Accounting, Tax

What are the rates for services at GrowthLab

Our service prices begin at 500

How can I contact GrowthLab

You can call us 8886738481, come to the office 146 Clifford St, Providence, RI 02903, США RI02903, contact us via email at, or via social networks ["Facebook","Instagram","YouTube"]

What country is GrowthLab headquartered in

Our organization is headquartered in United States