Biztory is a cloud accounting solution for small businesses (SMEs) in Malaysia. The software allows you to manage your quotation & invoice, simplify your accounting & taxes, manage your cash flow, and manage your inventory.

Generating quotations & invoices feature allows you to create and send invoices, automatically bill your invoices, convert quotations into an invoice, and send invoices via e-mail or messengers.

Managing your cash flow feature lets you understand your company’s cash flow, manage fund transfers & bank reconciliation, set up recurring bills for your customers, set up your payment terms, and others.

Managing your purchases & inventory feature allows you to manage your purchase & expenses report, issue purchase orders & invoices, sync your data and monitor your stock level, issue a debit note, issue internal purchase orders, and others.

Biztory accounting & taxes feature facilitates the generation of key financial reports (profit & loss, cash flow, aging accounts), provides GST & SST services, lets you estimate your taxes, if needed you can get professional accounting services.


$110 Accounting

If you’re new to Biztory accounting software, we provide a step-by-step guide for first-timer. We guarantee that our user-friendly software will help you learn and pick up all the steps fast. Here are what included in our one to one guide: ✓ Full tutorial on Biztory ✓ Setting up Biztory in account settings ✓ A fresh start into systemization

$218 Accounting Software

On-site accounting service with Biztory is we provide and help your business with an accounting review. We help to finalise financial reports when it’s closing to make sure all the keys in the entry are correct without mistake for tax submission purposes. Below are the two main services included : ✓ Provide financial report ✓ Provide company accounting check

$612 Audit & Income Tax Services

We offer a special audit package designed for Sdn. Bhd. companies. We will help adjust and review financial reports such as profit & loss, balance sheet, statement of account, or simplified accounting. Below are the services included in the package: ✓ Provide audit ✓ Provide submitted financial statement ✓ Provide tax filing ✓ One-stop solution


Corporate secretary services are provided by third-party companies and are aimed at helping businesses with their every day operational needs.

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  • McWilson
    Totally glad working with

    Everyone I’ve dealt with have been very helpful and easy to work with, so I have to say that everything was worth the money. It’s not the solution for large businesses, so that’s probably not going to be the best choice for you if you’re planning to expand in the nearest future, but for small companies, it actually works.

    November 25, 2022

  • Nicolas
    Not disappointed

    Thanks to the free trial, I managed to give a try to this software first, and eventually, it was clear to me that this solution would be the best for my company. I didn’t have any problems figuring everything out, and it actually helps me perform any accounting tasks, so I’m not disappointed.

    November 26, 2022

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What services does Biztory provide

We provide services in the following areas Accounting, Accounting Software, Audit & Income Tax Services, Secretary

What are the rates for services at Biztory

Our service prices begin at 110

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You can call us 016-2601059, come to the office 3, Jalan Merbah 1, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47170 Puchong, Selangor, Малайзия 47170 , contact us via email at

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We work from 12:00am to 12:00am, GMT+8

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Our organization is headquartered in Malaysia