Accounting & Business Consultants helps small businesses with their routine operational tasks for more than 35 years. The company is US-based and offers such services as accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning, tax preparation, and yacht management accounting.

A&BC provides help with accounting to small businesses and assists with implementing a comprehensive accounting system. They will provide management with up-to-date financial statements, maintain a general ledger, and prepare bank statements and credit card reconciliation. You will have an accurate picture of all your business activity due to the fact that all data is exchanged in real-time. A&BC ensures you will understand the data and how it affects your business through regular conferences and interpretation of financial results.

A&BC tax specialists will develop a tax plan and prepare taxes. The company experts will offer you guidance on business decisions so you would understand what impacts tax liability and provide you with strategies that will let you adjust revenue and expenses. A&BC tax experts will allow you to take advantage of a lower tax rate. Besides, A&BC will analyze your books at year-end for overlooked deductions and assist you with entity selection for your business. Additionally, the tax team will handle all your tax preparation needs such as income, payroll, sales, and property. Moreover, they will e-file your tax return and remain up-to-date on the changing tax laws.

AB&C specialists have over 25 years of yacht industry experience and technical knowledge of the yachting business. The company has industry-specific expertise and all of its services can be delivered electronically. AB&C’s close work with owners, captains, and crewmembers allows them to analyze the operation of each yacht individually and choose the best financial plan so that you will have no worries or hassles in managing the finances of your yacht.

Yacht accounting services provided by AB&C include an individual management plan to meet the need and needs of your captain and crew. The company will maintain your general ledger, bank statements, credit card reconciliation, bill paying, revenue & expense tracking, and analysis.



When you outsource your accounting work to us, it’s like having a trusted advisor on staff. Our team handles all of your day-to-day accounting tasks so you can focus on what’s important—running your business. We work collaboratively with you via our advanced, secure website platform to support a streamlined and highly efficient workflow. And because work is performed online, you always have real-time views of your data and financial situation. Best of all, we bundle services for a fixed monthly fee—allowing you to budget effectively and never get an unpleasant billing surprise.


You have enough to do running your business. Let our seasoned team handle all your complex bookkeeping work including daily transaction classification and expense tracking, payroll, bill payment and invoicing, business tax planning and preparation, and reporting. We’ll make sure you always have a clear picture of your financial position.


Tax season doesn’t have to be stressful when you work with our team. Our filing process offers a seamless digital experience—from gathering your tax documents to filing your return electronically.

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What services does Accounting & Business Consultants provide

We provide services in the following areas Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax

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You can call us 954-462-6045, come to the office 2962 Trivium Cir STE 101, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, США FL33312, contact us via email at

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Our organization is headquartered in United States