Withum is a versatile advisory and accounting firm dedicated to assisting a diverse range of businesses. Their comprehensive service portfolio includes advisory services, assurance services, accounting support, digital solutions, cybersecurity expertise, and tax-related services.

Withum collaborates with a wide spectrum of industries, encompassing sectors such as construction, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, real estate, and numerous others. Their industry-focused approach ensures tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of clients across various fields.


In some cases, a complete financial statement audit may not be suitable for your organization's requirements. It is important for a business to ensure that the level of service provided aligns with the needs of the financial statement user. There are often more affordable options available or conducting specific agreed-upon procedures can offer more relevant and informative information.


Maximizing operational efficiency through technology, data, and business processes to enhance business operations and foster growth opportunities.


Modern technology simplifies the process for businesses to obtain the desired level of assurance through a virtual audit. With remote communication tools and collaborative digital workplaces, you can anticipate receiving the same personalized, hands-on service and high-quality, professional deliverables as you would with a traditional on-site audit.


Withum's Tax Services Team, a team of skilled tax specialists, ensures accurate and timely tax reporting and aims to reduce or delay tax payments. Our extensive knowledge of international, federal, state, and local regulations, along with our affiliation with HLB International, enables us to assist you in creating cost-effective tax services and strategies worldwide.

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