UAB Baltic Virtual Assistants, established in 2015, specializes in delivering comprehensive back-office support and accounting assistance to clients worldwide. Their service portfolio extends to encompass payment processing services, financial controlling and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) support, workflow automation, financial statement preparation, and payroll services.

Baltic Assist goes above and beyond to streamline your financial processes. They diligently collect and manage every invoice, oversee bank transactions, offer the expertise of highly skilled accountants, and provide valuable business advice to enhance your business operations.


We carefully select our Finance specialists, ensuring that our clients have access to the best workforce. Communication and task exchange are done online, resulting in instant response time. Our management office can quickly contact the assigned accountant for any questions. Being close to Europe's business hubs, Scandinavia, and Western Europe, we have minimal time-zone differences and a similar work approach. Additionally, Baltic Assist can send specialists for physical presence when required.


Collecting invoices, managing bank transactions, and making payments can be time-consuming but necessary tasks. Our skilled accountant will handle these daily duties, allowing you to focus on your core business. We offer a range of accounting services and our experienced finance specialists have extensive knowledge of European markets. By understanding your organization, we can provide valuable business advice and identify areas for improvement. We aim to automate and innovate processes to reduce costs while you concentrate on your strengths.


Accurate payrolls are crucial for employee satisfaction. Additionally, altering local laws can be frustrating and time-consuming for businesses. Whether your payroll is outsourced or handled internally, entrusting Baltic Assist Finance Department with it is a cost-effective and reliable solution. Our payroll team can efficiently manage the entire process for you. We have strong partnerships with companies in the Nordic region and Western Europe.