Toronto Tax Lawyer is a Canadian company specializing in offering a range of tax-related services to individuals and corporations. Their solutions cover a diverse array of tax matters and aim to assist clients in managing their tax affairs effectively and in compliance with Canadian tax laws.

Some of the tax-related services provided by Toronto Tax Lawyer include addressing CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) tax audits, resolving issues related to unfiled taxes, managing concerns regarding taxes owing and liens, implementing tax minimization strategies, addressing CRA and Bitcoin taxation matters, and many other services. Their expertise in Canadian tax laws and regulations positions them as a valuable resource for individuals and businesses seeking professional guidance in navigating complex tax matters.


A tax audit is a scary experience, and if the outcome is negative, it can be costly. The CRA auditor will request to review books, records, and bank statements. Questionnaires may need to be completed. Any incorrect information, even if it's a mistake, will be used against the taxpayer. It is advisable to involve a tax professional, like our top Toronto tax lawyers, as soon as the auditor reaches out. Our lawyers are available to assist you. Contact Rotfleisch & Samulovitch P.C. today for a consultation.

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