S&F Consulting Firm Limited is a consulting firm established in 2012, offering a range of services encompassing accounting, income tax, business advisory, and company registration.

Within their accounting services, S&F Group handles tasks such as bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, profit and loss accounts, general ledger management, and journal management. Additionally, they provide support in preparing essential documents like invoices, bank statements, profit and loss statements, profiles, notes, and more. The S&F Group also assists in recording and analyzing financial transactions.


Accounting service firms offer a range of services, including Bookkeeping, Accounting Staff Placement, Accounting Outsourcing, Bank Reconciliation, Profit and Loss Accounts, Ledger and Journal. Small businesses are attracted to projects that focus on savings, which can be used to support core business activities. This article covers all the necessary accounting aspects, including the pros and cons of using accounting software, and concludes with valuable insights based on accounting services.


Since 2012, S&F Consulting Firm Limited has been providing audit services to international investors. Our team will review all supporting documents and prepare necessary reports, including Directors' Report, Statement by Directors, Legal Statement, Statement of Financial Position, Independent Auditors Report, Statement of Comprehensive Income, Statement of Changes in Equity, Notes to the Financial Statements, Statement of Cash Flows, Income Tax computation, Computation of Capital Allowances, Losses from Business, and Detailed Income Statement for The Year. If you require auditing services for your organization, please feel free to contact us. S&F CONSULTING SERVICE LTD is always available to assist you.


Considering the nature of the business, additional ministry approval may be necessary. Therefore, it is essential to seek business advisory before and after setting up the business. S & F Consulting Firm LTD has been offering business advisory services since 2012. For business advisory service, please contact us.

Company Registration

Company registration is the process of obtaining authorization to conduct a business, ensuring compliance with all rules and regulations. Local and foreign registration processes differ, as they are subject to varying country policies.


We have a local expert in your preferred country to assist you with preparing your income tax file. Our income tax attorney has extensive experience in corporate and personal tax submission and filing. They will also help you obtain a clearance certificate from the government tax office. S & F CONSULTING FIRM LTD has been providing income tax services to foreign investors since 2012. If you or your company encounter any income tax-related issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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