For over two decades, S C Mohan has been delivering comprehensive business services, offering assistance at every stage of your business’s life cycle. Their diverse service offerings encompass audit and assurance, accounting and bookkeeping, payroll management, tax support, company and business registration, and various other valuable services.

Under the umbrella of S C Mohan’s audit and assurance services, they specialize in conducting various types of audits, including statutory audits, audits for non-profit organizations, group consolidations, audits for Management Corporation Strata Title, Child Care subsidy audits, rental audits, Building & Construction Authority audits, grant audits, due diligence audits, special purpose audits, and more. Moreover, they have the capacity to prepare special reports based on agreed-upon procedures, engage in review engagements, assess accounting and internal control systems, and offer internal audit support as needed.


Businesses rely on accurate financial information to effectively manage their operations, seize opportunities, and maintain profitability. Our accounting team is here to assist you with your accounting needs, ensuring compliance with local reporting regulations, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business. We are committed to delivering timely and precise financial information to our clients and offer a range of cost-effective accounting services, including drafting financial statements and preparing consolidated financial statements/group reporting packages.


In the current challenging environment, there is a renewed emphasis on assurance in all industries and sectors. S C Mohan PAC, with its industry expertise, can assist you in upholding financial reporting excellence. This will instill confidence in your stakeholders and investors regarding the integrity of the financial data you disclose.


Having meaningful and well-organised financial records is crucial for the smooth functioning of your business and is the key to its success. Our competent team can support you with the daily bookkeeping tasks and are prepared to examine your records and aid in maintaining your organization.

Business Concierge / Business Support Services

We have a network of preferred business partners to assist you in expanding into Singapore and meeting your growing business needs. Our partners specialize in various areas such as business and assets valuation, legal advisory, insolvency, immigration support, business licensing, co-working space, office space, recruitment and HR solutions, tech support, and expanding to other Asian countries.

Company Registration

We provide formation services for different business structures in Singapore, including company, subsidiary, Singapore branch, representative office, sole-proprietorship, partnership, and limited liability partnership. Our hassle-free packages offer complete registration, no hidden costs, and no additional requirements, making it simple, quick, and easy for you.


As a business expands, it needs to hire more employees, leading to increased payroll administration. We can aid you in implementing the necessary controls for a dependable, efficient, and effective payroll system. Our assistance includes developing a payroll system and preparing all required payroll tax returns promptly.


In light of the growing corporate regulations, it is crucial to ensure your company meets its statutory obligations and has the necessary company secretarial documentation. We offer comprehensive company secretarial services for companies at all stages of growth.


Save time and money with S C Mohan PAC for your tax needs. We assist clients in swiftly resolving issues, maintaining compliance, and safeguarding their bottom line throughout the year. Most importantly, they can run their business knowing that S C Mohan PAC, their trusted tax and business advisor, is always available. Our comprehensive tax services/solutions minimize your tax burden and ensure adherence to reporting regulations.