Launched in July 2016, Qonto is a French financial institution tailored for professionals. Its primary objective is to simplify the banking experience for entrepreneurs by providing comprehensive support for various financial processes, from capital deposits to a wide array of banking services. With over 150,000 customers in France, Qonto has solidified its position as a favored choice among self-employed individuals, very small enterprises (VSEs), small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and even larger corporations, owing to its highly competitive pricing structures.


Open an all-in-one account in just 10 minutes. Enjoy Mastercards, transfers, direct debits, and more. Manage invoicing, bookkeeping, and expenses all in one convenient place.


Save time by easily uploading scans of your receipts. Automate supplier invoice processing and data entry. Connect Qonto to your accounting tool for faster account reconciliation.

Business Mastercards that adapt to your needs

Make payments online, in-store, and securely using physical or virtual cards. Increase your monthly payment limits to €60,000. Enjoy transparent pricing without any hidden fees.