Osome liberates you from the hassles of manual accounting, simplifies e-commerce operations, and assists in company formation. With Osome, you gain access to a dedicated accountant who understands your business intricacies. Additionally, our automated software streamlines payment reconciliation, making financial management a breeze.

Incorporation for locals. Incorporation only

Osome provides a comprehensive company incorporation package for Singapore locals. They will manage the entire incorporation process, with their team of experts guiding you through each step. This includes checking and purchasing company names, preparing and processing the incorporation application, company constitution, and ACRA business profile. Additionally, Osome will act as the legal representative for your company with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, and all government fees are included.

Incorporation for locals. Incorporation + Secretary

Osome offers a package for locals in Singapore that includes incorporation and secretary services. Their team of experts will handle the incorporation application, company name purchase, company constitution preparation, and ACRA business profile processing. They also provide assistance with corporate secretary services like routine Annual Filing and AGM preparation. Furthermore, the package allows for unlimited changes in company names, officers, address, business activity, and more. All government fees are included.

​​Incorporation for locals. Full Compliance

Osome offers a comprehensive compliance package for Singapore locals. This package includes incorporation, corporate secretary, accounting, tax, and bookkeeping services. They assist with the incorporation application, company name purchase, ACRA business profile, and company constitution. Their corporate services cover Annual Filing and AGM preparation, government fee for Annual Filing, and unlimited changes to company name, officers, and more. Additionally, their team of experts handles the Annual Management Report, Unaudited Financial Statements, Corporate Tax Return (Form C-S), and annual bookkeeping.

Incorporation for foreigners. All-in-one

Osome presents an incorporation package that caters specifically to foreigners looking to establish their presence in Singapore. This all-inclusive package covers various crucial services: Included in the package is assistance with the incorporation process itself, helping you navigate the necessary steps. Furthermore, Osome facilitates the remote opening of a business bank account, a process typically completed within 2 business hours. As part of the compliance kit, you receive unlimited corporate secretary services for one year, a nominee director for one year, and a registered address for one year.

Incorporation for foreigners. Visa included

Osome offers a comprehensive package that includes incorporation services, Visa assistance, and a one-year full compliance solution. This package covers various aspects of setting up and operating a business in Singapore. The services provided include assistance with incorporation, setting up a bank account, obtaining an Employment Pass (which enables non-residents to work and reside in Singapore), and handling accounting and tax matters. As part of this package, Osome also furnishes a compliance kit to ensure all regulatory requirements are met.

Accounting Mini

Osome's Accounting Mini package is tailored for companies with monthly revenue under S$5k. This package encompasses a personal accountant, advanced accounting software, government, and tax filing services, along with finance management tools. In this package, you'll have a dedicated personal accountant and bookkeeper who not only handle your financial tasks but also provide valuable insights on business growth and tax-saving strategies. You can easily communicate with them using the in-app chat feature.

Accounting Starter

Osome offers an Accounting Starter package tailored for companies with monthly revenue under S$10k. This package includes a dedicated personal accountant who serves as both an accountant and bookkeeper. They provide expert advice on business growth and tax savings, and you can easily communicate with them through in-app chat. In addition, you'll have access to advanced accounting software that covers bookkeeping, bank connections, and transaction reconciliation, streamlining your financial operations. Osome also takes care of crucial government and tax filings, such as Unaudited Financial Statements, Estimated Chargeable Income, and Corporate Tax Return submissions.

Accounting Booming

Osome Accounting Booming package is ideal for companies with monthly revenue under S$25k. It includes a personal accountant, accounting software, Govt & Tax Filings, and Finance management tools. Both annual and monthly payment options are available.

Accounting Rocking

Osome's Accounting Rocking package is designed for companies with monthly revenue below S$50k. It provides essential features like a personal accountant and bookkeeper, accounting software, Govt and Tax filings, and finance management tools.

Accounting Unicorn

Osome provides a package for companies with monthly revenue below S$100k. The Accounting Unicorn package includes a personal accountant, in-app chat, accounting software, Govt & Tax Filings, and finance management tools. These tools encompass automated cash balance, invoice management & creation, monthly management reports, balance sheet, Ecommerce highlights, and more.

1 year Essential Secretary

Osome offers a 1 Year Essential Secretary package suitable for small companies or businesses with an established structure. This package includes the government fee for Annual Filing, routine Annual Filing by the corporate secretary, and AGM preparation. Additional services such as non-share related changes, share related changes, and changes in corporate shareholders are available for an extra fee.

1 year Unlimited Secretary

Osome's 1 Year Unlimited Secretary package is ideal for first-year companies or larger businesses. It covers the government fee for Annual Filing, preparation of Annual Filing and AGM. Additionally, it includes changes in company name, officers, address, business activity, and officers' particulars. The package also covers registration of changes, distribution of dividends, allotment of shares, and transfer of shares (excluding Stamp Duty).

Unaudited Financial Statements + Tax

Osome offers assistance for your business with Unaudited Financial Statements and Tax Filings. The preparation of Unaudited Financial Statements includes directors’ statement & report, comprehensive income statement, financial position statement, cash flows statement, and notes to the financial statements. Our experts will handle your taxes and provide assistance with corporate tax, tax savings, and tax advice.


Osome offers payroll services including calculating gross to net salary and CPF, providing payroll details and variance reports, disbursing net salary and CPF. They also assist with preparing year-end IR8A forms and appendices. Our experts handle preparation of IR21, GML, NS MUP, CPF refund, and government statistics forms. Additionally, our team at Osome provides electronic administration of employees' leave and expense claims.

VAT registration

GST is a mandatory tax in Singapore for companies with a turnover exceeding S$1 million a year. The rate is 7%, but if you sell goods and services to someone outside Singapore, the rate is 0%. Voluntary registration for GST is also available and offers benefits. Starting in 2020, GST applies to goods and services both domestically and internationally. Outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting can reduce the risk of overlooking GST changes and assist in understanding requirements and selecting the best approach for your business.