Offshore Business Processing is a prominent Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that specializes in offering offshore outsourcing solutions. Their expertise lies in facilitating the relocation of office functions to countries with lower labor costs. This strategic approach to outsourcing benefits a wide range of industries, including freight forwarding, transportation and logistics, finance and accounting, retail and e-commerce, among others. By leveraging the advantages of offshore outsourcing, Offshore Business Processing assists companies in achieving cost-efficiency and optimizing their business operations while maintaining high-quality service delivery.


Our finance experts will align your invoices with purchase orders in our system, ensuring accurate and timely entry of information to keep you informed about your company's cash flow status.


Our qualified financial experts and accountants will maintain current records of your company's expenses and closely monitor accounts receivable. You will receive accurate, up-to-date reports for your records.

Call Center

OBP provides multilingual services through culturally aware call center staff to ensure your clients receive top-notch customer care for an exceptional caller experience.


Our skilled tax experts are trained to meet both local and international standards. They can help you with your income tax records and BAS reporting to ensure compliance.


OBP's payroll specialists are trained to local and international standards. They guarantee that your staff receive the accurate rate and pay on time for their excellent work.