OA International Holdings is a Singapore-based accounting firm, established in 2011. OA specializes in a wide range of professional services, including accounting, audit, tax consultancy, accounting advisory, and corporate advisory.

OA excels in providing audit services to businesses, encompassing statutory financial audits, special reviews, special purpose audits, and sales audits, among others.


Accounting is crucial for all businesses, yet not everyone possesses the necessary skills to handle it. Additionally, hiring an accountant may not be feasible for certain businesses. We offer a solution to your predicament by providing affordable bookkeeping and accounting services. Our aim is to deliver precise financial information promptly, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Accounting Software

With the advancement of technology, programmers have created applications to assist accountants in their daily tasks. While software can improve efficiency, accountants must still understand the basics of the application. We offer software setup and training services for your office employees. With our guidance, we believe our employees can learn and effectively use the application. OA International is a Gold partner of Xero Accounting Software, and all our team members are Xero Certified Advisors. Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that enables access to accounts on laptops or mobile devices.


OA International is the answer to your problems. We offer cost-effective bookkeeping and accounting services, ensuring timely and precise financial information. Leave your accounting and bookkeeping worries to us, while you concentrate on your core business functions.


Our advisory services have extended across various Asian countries, with a particular focus on locations such as Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore. In response to our business growth and commitment to fostering cultural connections, we have also expanded our reach into Southeast Asia. Our core strengths lie in our ability to provide innovative deal solutions, guiding clients from the initial stages of a deal to its successful completion. This capability is rooted in our profound understanding of both business and industry fundamentals and our strong network of key strategic players in the field.


The intrinsic importance of an audit extends beyond mere formality; it serves as a vital tool for upholding a business's credibility. It goes beyond routine practice; it is an essential requirement that safeguards your business and fosters its growth. Our audit methodology revolves around a client-centric approach, starting with a deep understanding of our clients and the management of their expectations. Our audit process begins with meticulous pre-audit planning, during which we assess our client's risk controls and chart the timeframe and scope for the audit. Subsequently, we initiate the audit work while maintaining transparent communication with our clients, ensuring they are well-informed about our progress throughout the process. We commit to completing the audit by the agreed-upon deadline.


Establishing a business in Singapore involves navigating a range of compliance requirements, which can appear daunting to potential startups. The intricacies of company incorporation can pose a significant challenge, especially without relevant experience. At OA International, we offer comprehensive company incorporation services designed to streamline the process and provide tailored guidance based on your specific needs. We simplify the incorporation process by offering expert advice on Singapore's statutory compliance requirements, facilitating the setup of your business in Singapore. Additionally, we extend our support by providing fundamental advisory services aimed at fostering the growth and success of your business. For more information on our company incorporation services, we encourage you to get in touch with OA International today.


Our company secretarial services team comprises dedicated and diligent members who consistently provide qualified services with a strong focus on timeliness. In our role as corporate secretary, we undertake a range of responsibilities, including: Routine secretarial filing. Preparation of materials for the annual general meeting. Submission of annual returns. Maintenance and updates of registers and minutes book. Handling various significant secretarial and administrative functions. Our commitment is to ensure that all these tasks are carried out efficiently and in accordance with regulatory requirements to support the smooth operation of your business.


Payroll is crucial in a company and is a significant part of its expenses. However, it can be challenging due to labor policy and business regulation changes. We can assist you in managing payroll and offering guidance, helping you comprehend the effects of policy and regulation changes on your business. We are experienced with SMP-friendly HR software, which allows us to serve our clients more effectively.


Tax is a key revenue source for the government. Without the necessary expertise, companies may be unfamiliar with the various schemes and processes in place. This is particularly true as the tax authorities (IRAS) continuously monitor and adjust policies.