Nexia TS is a Singapore-based accounting and consulting firm established in 1993. The company specializes in delivering expert bookkeeping and auditing services in Singapore.

Nexia TS extends its services to encompass assurance and business advisory solutions. They are proficient in conducting special purpose audits, reviews, and certifications. Furthermore, they provide statutory audits and a range of assurance and attestation services. Additionally, they are well-equipped to serve as reporting auditors for companies seeking stock market listings.


HR and accounting are crucial for your business. Trusting outsourced accounting and HR services is a vital decision. Hiring in-house personnel may not be worth the investment. Outsourcing professionals who are ready for the job is a better option. Our experienced team will handle your accounting and HR needs while you focus on your core business. Nexia TS’s Accounting, HR Outsourcing, and Corporate Services team provide comprehensive business services.


Our approach to professional services starts with a core emphasis on comprehending our clients' businesses and identifying potential business risks. As business conditions and regulations have grown more intricate over the years, many companies may struggle to stay abreast of regulatory alterations due to constraints on time and resources. We make certain that our clients receive comprehensive updates on regulatory changes and provide tailored advisory services specific to their industry sectors.


With expertise in Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support Services, Nexia TS and our partner, Smith & Williamson, are well-equipped to offer cost-effective forensic accounting services in Singapore. This includes preserving and collecting information from various sources, conducting investigations, and providing dispute resolution services for your investigation, arbitration, litigation, and audit needs.


In addition to our core assurance services, we also provide transaction-based support and due diligence. We have strong connections with the private equity and financial markets, allowing us to offer comprehensive expertise in these areas. Our services cater to various business requirements, including serving as reporting auditors for stock market listings.


In the face of heightened global tax scrutiny, the tax landscape is growing more intricate. Therefore, it is crucial for company owners to prioritize having access to business tax advisory and other corporate tax services in Singapore. Our team of skilled tax professionals is ready to assist businesses and individuals in various tax areas, including compliance, value-added tax planning, and GST registration in Singapore.