Founded in 1923, Moore Kingston Smith is a reputable UK-based accounting firm with a long-standing history of assisting clients. Their range of services encompasses accounting, audit, tax, and advisory services.

Within their suite of offerings, Moore Kingston Smith specializes in audit services, encompassing areas like financial reporting, nonprofit reporting, and royalty audits. They demonstrate expertise across various reporting standards such as IFRS, UKGAAP, and USGAAP.


At Moore Kingston Smith Nonprofit Advisory, our team of experts and former practitioners offer essential services in impact measurement, fundraising, financial sustainability, and strategic planning. Contact our Nonprofit Advisory team for a free, no-obligation consultancy session to discuss how we can assist in enhancing your organization.

Business recovery and insolvency

Our experienced business recovery and insolvency team is here to provide support and advice during tough times. We aim to create positive outcomes from difficult situations. If you're a director in need of urgent support, visit our Directors' Hub. We can assist with challenges such as performance dips, mounting debt, and reduced cash flow. We also specialize in helping navigate the unique challenges brought by the Coronavirus pandemic.


No matter your reporting needs, we have the expertise to provide the solution you require. Our expertise covers IFRS, UKGAAP, and USGAAP reporting environments.


Managing an employer's payroll is not an easy task. To simplify the process, we offer a comprehensive service that meets all client needs. Moore Kingston Smith has a committed team that handles payroll for more than 800 employers. The team is passionate and devoted to ensuring a seamless service.


We can assist you with all your business and corporate tax requirements, including tax risk management, employment tax, and navigating partnerships and LLPS. Explore our comprehensive range of services below.

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