Heard is a comprehensive accounting solution designed specifically for therapists. This all-in-one platform seamlessly integrates software and accounting services to support therapists’ businesses. Heard offers a range of essential financial services, including bookkeeping, tax management, payroll processing, and assistance with S Corporation formation. By combining technology and professional accounting expertise, Heard aims to provide therapists with a tailored financial solution that simplifies their financial processes and enables them to focus on their practice.


Link your bank accounts, credit cards, and practice management software. Record and categorize all business transactions. Examine unfamiliar transactions. Identify deductible expenses. Produce financial reports.


Get ready for your business tax returns, personal tax return, estimate quarterly taxes due, approve tax returns, and pay quarterly estimated taxes.

Tax-saving strategies

Have a quarterly web meeting to discuss upcoming estimated tax payments. Submit an S Corp election to the IRS. Provide guidance on determining your salary.


Set up Gusto payroll service to pay employees and contractors, log hours, set pay amounts, handle payroll tax withholding and filings, and pay for the service if necessary.

Contact info

500 Yale Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, США