Giersch Company is an accounting and consulting firm based in Milwaukee. We specialize in assisting small businesses in Wisconsin by providing cost-effective accounting services. Our comprehensive range of services includes outsourced accounting, CFO services, payroll management, tax compliance, cash flow analysis, accounts payable, and numerous other valuable solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients.


A small business finance and accounting team has three roles: bookkeeper, financial controller, and chief financial officer. The bookkeeper and controller produce timely and accurate financial statements, which the CFO utilizes for making decisions regarding business and financial strategies.


When your company is prepared for its yearly audit, the Giersch Group bookkeeping team will collaborate seamlessly with your CPA team to finalize the audit. Our client controllers are skilled in handling audit requests for general ledgers, verifying sample transactions, managing amortization schedules, generating payroll reports, and providing other requested information. We also closely cooperate with CPA firms to assist them in completing your annual tax returns. Following the completion of your audit or tax return, Giersch Group client controllers will work with your CPAs to obtain and execute the necessary adjusting journal entries, ensuring that your financials align with your year-end audit and tax reporting.


Our comprehensive business review is designed to benefit entrepreneurs and small business owners. It provides feedback and recommendations on your business model, market positioning, cash flow management, and operating structure.


Bookkeepers assist small businesses in maintaining precise financial record keeping to reduce the risk of reporting incorrect metrics. Since small businesses usually lack the financial flexibility to handle any potential errors, a skilled bookkeeper can ensure accurate bookkeeping and prevent unnecessary fines resulting from inaccurate reporting. Reach out to Giersch group for a complimentary consultation.


Payroll and HR services are crucial yet expensive for small businesses and startups. Outsourcing employee payroll preparation to your bookkeeping firm not only relieves you of a significant administrative load, but also proves to be cost-effective.


Accurate financial accounting services, whether done by an in-house bookkeeper or outsourced to a bookkeeping firm, provide your CPA with the necessary data for your taxes. The Giersch Group offers small business owners bookkeeping services, business consulting, and flexible controller/CFO services. We can also manage your tax filing for employer withholding tax and sales and use taxes. Hiring professionals for your payroll and sales tax filings simplifies the process of filing taxes and enduring audits. You'll have more time and peace of mind, knowing that your financials are accurate, complete, and prepared for every tax filing deadline.

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