E.A. Buck Accounting & Tax Services is an accounting firm with a presence in the United States. The company has offices located in Colorado and California, with its headquarters situated in Hawaii. E.A. Buck Accounting & Tax Services specializes in offering a diverse range of professional services, catering to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).


We provide professional bookkeeping services and advice to small and medium-sized businesses at competitive prices. Most work is done off-site, but we can accommodate on-site requests. We handle record processing and return them regularly. Our tax accountants in Honolulu, Denver, Westminster, and other locations are available for all your bookkeeping needs. We save you time by processing invoices, preparing supplier payments, submitting sales invoices, handling payroll deductions, tax returns, and other financial and administrative matters.


We provide professional payroll services in Denver, Westminster, Palm Desert, and other areas for small and medium-sized businesses at competitive prices. Our services cater to all types of employers, including home offices, self-employed individuals, and corporations. We offer a range of payroll solutions, such as direct deposit, garnishments, insurance withholdings, 401-K contributions, payroll tax calculations, and filings. Our expertise lies in creating payroll plans for S-corporation owners, ensuring compliance with regulations and maximizing profits. Let us take care of all your payroll needs and give you peace of mind.


We can assist with all your tax needs, including individual or business tax returns, state tax credits, and pre-tax healthcare spending accounts. Say goodbye to lost forms and long lines for filing taxes. No more unanswered questions or confusion about taxes. We are committed to providing peace of mind when it comes to your taxes, and our experienced accounts also offer payroll services in Honolulu, Palm Desert, Westminster, and other areas.

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2861 W 120th Ave Ste 205, Westminster, CO 80234, США