Clear House Accountants is a UK-based company specializing in providing professional services tailored for small and medium-sized businesses. Our offerings encompass a wide range of services including tax consulting, corporate finance, business accounting, and management accounting.


Clear House Accountants is the top accounting service company offering convenient, compatible, and comprehensive online accounting services for UK businesses. Our chartered accountants specialize in providing highly sought-after accounting services in London.


‘Clear House Accountants’ is a certified Business Advisory firm in London, dedicated to equipping our clients with the necessary tools and resources for a prosperous business venture. Our services include cash management, data-driven strategic planning, continuous business assessment, business health checks, and efficient execution for maximum value extraction.

Business Support Services

Clear House offers a wide range of services to assess your business risk, opportunities, and provide support. As specialized Accountants in London, we strive to truly understand our clients' businesses. Our business support sessions analyze your current situation, address your issues, and offer constructive feedback and strategies to overcome them. These sessions also provide an industry overview and help you define goals that align with industry needs. Clear House recognizes the challenge of identifying growth indicators, which is why our business support sessions can unlock numerous benefits for your business.


Clear House Accountants recognize the significance of an efficient payroll process and its impact on the future of businesses in the highly competitive UK market. Hence, we offer comprehensive payroll solutions to meet all your business's payroll requirements.


At Clear House Accountants, our skilled tax advisers offer a wide range of personal and corporate tax services for individuals, companies, and partnerships in various sectors. We provide unique solutions to complex tax issues and our dedicated accountants help you navigate HMRC's tax compliance requirements. Our goal is to not only provide tax compliance services but also to implement strategies that minimize your overall tax liability.


Value Added Tax or VAT is a complex tax that impacts UK businesses. It is a consumption tax imposed on a product when value is added during production or at the point of sale. Clear House Accountants, with their expertise and qualifications, handle VAT reporting and submission for your business. They offer comprehensive VAT service packages that include efficient accounting software, tax experts, and business advisors to meet all your VAT requirements.

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