Charles & Darwish Associates is a prominent firm that offers a comprehensive suite of financial and accounting services, catering to clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Their diverse service portfolio encompasses various essential financial functions, ensuring businesses have access to the support they need.

Charles & Darwish Associates cover a broad spectrum of accounting areas, including auditing, forensic accounting (investigative accounting), cost accounting, financial accounting, fiduciary accounting, management accounting, accounting information systems (AIS), and tax accounting. Their expertise in these domains positions them as a valuable partner for businesses in the UAE seeking expert financial and advisory services to manage their financial affairs efficiently and adhere to regulatory requirements.


CDA is a top accounting firm in Dubai, offering excellent auditing, bookkeeping, and accounting services throughout the UAE. We aim to understand your business needs and goals to provide customized solutions. Our accounting services in Dubai include account reconciliation, backlog account updates, bookkeeping, financial reporting, and more to enhance your business productivity in the UAE.

Accounting Software

Accounting software in the UAE is utilized for financial tasks such as data recording, analysis, and storing business transactions. It offers faster and more accurate results compared to manual accounting records. CDA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC provides accounting software services in Dubai and the UAE, ensuring businesses can track and record their financial transactions precisely without any concerns of tampering or loss. We assist clients in implementing reliable accounting software in the UAE to achieve their accounting objectives effortlessly.


Audit and assurance services are essential for businesses to monitor their financial transactions. CDA Audit and Assurance Services in Dubai, UAE offer transparent and systematic financial statement audits and other assurance services to provide valuable insights into your business. Our auditors in Dubai deliver precise, comprehensive, and balanced audits, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Utilizing reliable audit services in Dubai helps ensure your business complies with UAE laws, regulations, and accounting standards.


Business services are intangible services provided to organizations. In Dubai and UAE, there are various types of business services available, such as CFO Services, Cost-Benefit analysis services, Finalization of financial services, IFRS Impact & Its Implementation service, Cash flow management service, and others like software services, marketing, real estate advisory services, etc. CDA business services in Dubai are customized to help clients expand their business and maximize profitability and brand reputation.


VAT is an indirect tax imposed on goods and services at each point of sale. The end-consumer bears the cost. Businesses collect VAT on behalf of the government. In UAE, VAT was introduced on 1 January 2018, with consumers expected to pay 5% for products and services. Availing VAT services in Dubai helps manage business VAT aspects. Registering under UAE VAT law shows government recognition. Consulting a UAE VAT service provider simplifies VAT processes, ensuring compliance with Emirati laws. CDA is a leading VAT service provider in Dubai and UAE, offering registration, deregistration, return filing, accounting services, and more.


A well-defined payroll management system is crucial for the smooth functioning of an organization. It ensures confidentiality and meets statutory requirements for payroll calculations in a cost-effective manner. While the payroll process may seem simple from the outside, it actually involves careful planning and computations for gross salary, leaves, loans, gratuity, etc. To handle this effectively, outsourcing payroll services is often a better decision than relying on in-house finance teams. Outsourced payroll services offer affordability, improved data security, and efficient management. Accounting outsourcing services also allow businesses to focus more on their core activities, leading to growth in a competitive environment. Payroll management services elevate human resources management to a higher level. CDA provides customized payroll services in Dubai for businesses of all sizes and locations. Our tailored solutions instill confidence in our clients to overcome their business challenges in this dynamic environment.

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