Contact PAC is a distinguished Singapore-based accounting firm that specializes in providing extensive support to multinational corporations and large SMEs. Their wide range of services encompasses critical areas including assurance, advisory, accountancy, tax, corporate secretarial, and business process outsourcing. PAC’s expertise and comprehensive offerings are tailored to assist multinational corporations and sizeable SMEs in managing their financial and administrative requirements effectively, contributing to their operational excellence and growth.


We keep ourselves updated with the latest accounting regulations to prepare timely, accurate, and compliant financial statements for your company. Along with compiling your reports and financial statements, we offer constructive advice for improvement, empowering you with a better understanding of your company's financial position and obligations.


We offer tailored business solutions to improve efficiency, enhance performance, and enable informed decision-making. Our support services include assisting with government grant applications and other programs to facilitate your business growth.


As independent accountants, we strive to comprehend your business and ask relevant questions to enhance your operational efficiency. We possess the ability to objectively assess your internal control systems and offer valuable insights on the effectiveness of your resources and management philosophy in achieving your goals.


Our skilled team assists in efficiently managing your corporate secretarial matters, tailored to your business model, while minimizing costs and risks.


Our skilled tax compliance and advisory team has expertise in assisting organizations to enhance control over their global compliance issues, risks, and opportunities. We help manage intricate, multi-jurisdictional compliance requirements, comprehend tax implications of their business model, and extract more value.