Ascension Corporate Services, established in 2020, is a company dedicated to offering accounting and tax services tailored for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore. Their service portfolio extends to encompass a variety of essential financial and corporate services. This includes financial statement preparation, bookkeeping, corporate tax management, corporate secretarial support, company incorporation assistance, payment management, and several other services aimed at supporting SMEs in Singapore with their financial and regulatory needs.


Running a business in Singapore requires staying on top of daily operations, which can be challenging when handling finances and accounts alone. It takes time and energy, especially without a clear understanding of expenses and income. As a small business owner, do you struggle to keep your accounts up to date? Considering your daily challenges, we provide accounting services for SME businesses, allowing you to focus on essential business growth. Our dedicated team will efficiently handle your accounts, giving you peace of mind. Choose from annual, quarterly, or monthly reporting packages to meet your business needs.


Discover the potential of digital technology for your business by integrating third-party applications with your cloud accounting software. Benefit from cost savings, enhanced workflows, and heightened employee productivity. Our services encompass recommending applications tailored to your business requirements and industry, implementing applications with comprehensive training and ongoing support. Learn more about third-party application integration here.


Running a business is not easy. You must focus on daily operations, as even the smallest oversight can be costly. Managing operating costs, finances, cash flow, and tax filing can be challenging and divert your attention from your business, hindering its growth. If you are tired of handling expenses and accounts on your own, consider outsourcing bookkeeping services in Singapore. This will ensure compliance with the Singapore Companies Act and bring efficiency to your business. Trust Ascension Corporate Services for reliable accounting and bookkeeping services.


To incorporate a company in Singapore, you must adhere to the regulations set by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), making it a complex and confusing process. If you're considering starting a company in Singapore but are unsure about the registration criteria and costs involved, worry no more. Ascension Corporate Services has a team of qualified staff ready to assist you with the incorporation of your company.


Easily meet your payroll obligations with our all-inclusive cloud-based payroll services.


To avoid future inconveniences, it is essential to adhere to the Singapore Companies Act whether you are starting or already have a business in Singapore. According to the Act, hiring a corporate secretary within six months is mandatory. A corporate secretary fulfills various roles and ensures compliance with ACRA regulations. Without a corporate secretary, starting a business in Singapore becomes nearly impossible. Ascension Corporate Services offers top-notch corporate secretarial services in Singapore to ensure the smooth operation of your business.


Running a business often involves juggling multiple responsibilities. Handling everything alone can lead to frustration and neglecting certain aspects, such as accounting and tax filing. Instead of worrying about these tasks, consider hiring companies that specialize in tax filing and financial management. In Singapore, tax accounting requires staying updated on changing legislation. By outsourcing this to a tax accountant, they can provide beneficial solutions for your business.

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