Aglow Corporate Services is an outsourcing firm that specializes in delivering integrated professional services. Our comprehensive offerings include accounting, bookkeeping, corporate and personal income tax services, GST (Goods and Services Tax) support, payroll administration, and corporate secretarial services.


Accounting services in Singapore handle non-core business tasks, financial matters, and paperwork, allowing business owners to focus on their main goals and profit. Outsourcing bookkeeping services frees up mental space from trivial matters.


Accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore are crucial for SME Accounting in a competitive setting. Aglow Corporate Services offers outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services to SMEs struggling to fill accounting positions. Our outsourcing services benefit subsidiaries and branch offices of multinational corporations seeking reliable and affordable accounting services in Singapore.


When starting a business, the initial step is to choose the appropriate business entity that suits your needs. In Singapore, the main options are Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Partnership, and Private Limited Company. We will evaluate your business and provide guidance on the most suitable entity for company registration in Singapore.


Aglow Corporate Services outsourcing meets all your payroll needs, ensuring compliance with Singapore legislation and regulations. We free your staff from this time-consuming administrative task, allowing them to focus on higher value-added work.


According to Section 171 of Singapore Companies Act Charter 50, a company must appoint a Company Secretary within 6 months of its incorporation. Aglow Corporate Services Pte Ltd provides a wide range of Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore.


Aglow Corporate Services Pte Ltd offers accounting and tax services to assist SMEs with Productivity, Innovation Credit (PIC) claims, income tax planning, and compliance. Outsourcing your corporate tax and accounting needs to us ensures peace of mind and cost savings in meeting your company's compliance requirements.