Ackenting Group is a consortium of accounting firms operating in Singapore and Malaysia. Our focus is on delivering professional business services to small and medium enterprises as well as mid-tier companies. Our comprehensive services encompass audit, accounting, branding, company incorporation, corporate financing, financial reporting services, GST services, payroll management, taxation consulting, secretarial services, digital marketing, and a host of other solutions to support your business needs.


AG’s professional accounting staff helps you stay on top of your tax and accounting duties. In Singapore, companies are required by law to maintain accurate accounting and bookkeeping records. This ensures that taxes are filed accurately and in compliance with ACRA and IRAS guidelines. Our experienced accounting staff is dedicated to maintaining the accuracy of your books and upholding your company's reputation for trustworthiness.


AG aims to collaborate with your business to provide competitive solutions for your specific requirements. Through an efficient approach, we ensure that your business fulfills its legal obligations and enhances the credibility of its financial statement.


Numerous corporations aim to penetrate the Asian market, particularly Singapore, known as Asia's top economic hub. Establishing a new company in Singapore can be challenging without proper guidance. AG possesses extensive expertise and professional knowledge in the business sector to aid enterprises, ranging from small start-ups to large multinational organizations, in successful incorporation. Our dedicated consultants are determined to ensure your company's success. We will work closely with you to comprehend your requirements and offer tailored solutions to help you achieve your objectives.


AG offers affordable payroll services in Singapore. Outsourcing human resource management to external professionals like AG is a cost-effective solution for companies without an HR department in Singapore. This helps ensure statutory compliance with the strict and fast-changing Singapore Employment Acts.


Our secretarial services team is led by a senior corporate advisor who is a Chartered Secretary registered SIACSA and a filing agent registered with ACRA. They have over 10 years of experience working in SGX-listed companies and SMEs.


Our tax services team in AG is led by Accredited Tax Practitioners registered with the Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Practitioners, boasting over a decade of experience.

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