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Beautex is a trusted brand in Singapore, offering high-quality tissue paper products for various needs. As a leading provider of tissue paper in Singapore, Beautex ensures softness, strength, and reliability in its products.

They offer a diverse range of tissue paper options, including facial tissues, toilet tissues, kitchen towels, and napkins. Beautex’s tissue paper is made from premium materials, and carefully crafted to deliver optimal comfort and performance.

Whether it’s for personal hygiene, cleaning, or wiping purposes, Beautex provides tissue paper that meets the needs of households, offices, and commercial establishments. Their tissue paper products are known for their gentle touch, absorbency, and durability.

Beautex understands the importance of hygiene and convenience, and their tissue paper solutions are designed to enhance everyday experiences. With a commitment to sustainability, Beautex also offers eco-friendly options, promoting responsible consumption and environmental consciousness. Beautex’s tissue paper is easily accessible in retail stores and supermarkets across Singapore, making it convenient for customers to enjoy their trusted products.

Choose Beautex for your tissue paper needs in Singapore, and experience superior quality, comfort, and convenience. Trust Beautex to deliver reliable tissue paper products that cater to your everyday needs and contribute to a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

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You can call us 6268 7600, come to the office 348 Jln Boon Lay, Singapore 619529 , contact us via email at customercare@tipex.com.sg, or via social networks ["Facebook","Instagram","YouTube"]