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Edmund Vehicle Rental is a trusted provider of long-term car leases in Singapore.

With their extensive fleet of well-maintained vehicles, they offer flexible and affordable solutions for individuals and businesses in need of reliable transportation over an extended period.

Edmund Vehicle Rental understands the unique requirements of long-term car leases and provides personalized services to meet its customers’ specific needs.
Whether it’s for personal use, corporate needs, or rideshare purposes, they offer a wide range of car models and sizes to choose from.

Their long-term car lease packages are designed to provide convenience and cost-effectiveness, with inclusive maintenance and insurance options available.
Edmund Vehicle Rental prioritizes customer satisfaction and ensures transparent pricing, no hidden fees, and hassle-free documentation processes.

They have a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to delivering excellent customer service and providing ongoing support throughout the lease period.

With Edmund Vehicle Rental, customers can enjoy the freedom of having a reliable vehicle without the long-term commitment and financial burden of car ownership. Whether you’re in Singapore for an extended stay or require a vehicle for your business operations, trust Edmund Vehicle Rental for dependable long-term car leases.
Experience convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind with their tailored solutions and exceptional service.

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How can I contact Car Rentals – Short & Long Term Car Leasing in Singapore

You can call us 65 6250 3339, come to the office 279 Balestier Rd, #02-27 Balestier Point, Singapore 329727 , contact us via email at