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AutoCount is a Malaysian company that has more than 25 years of experience in software development. The main business of the company is to provide high-quality accounting software and business application to SMEs. They provide such software as AutoCount Accounting, AutoCount Point of Sale, and AutoCount Payroll.

AutoCount Accounting allows you to schedule your recurring entries, send documentation/location via WhatsApp, use document templates, and generate PO from Reorder Advice. Also, with AutoCount Accounting has auto-generation of stock adjustments, six levels of the selling price with auto-adjustment, better stock filtering & analysis, the applicability of stock items, enhanced user access rights setting, and unlimited alternative item codes. Moreover, you can transfer documents, have easier credit control, define your own input layout, and the account books database can be accessed anytime via internet connection.

AutoCount Accounting has such features as a refined consignment module, purchase request, the flow of related documents, stock disassembly, and advanced quotation. Besides, the software offers advanced keyword search, stock item inquiry with details, and a formula editor for advanced users. Additionally, you can choose your theme color, have quick access to data charts and put favorite tiles on the main page.

AutoCount offers a hybrid accounting software with such features as hybrid cloud accounting, compatibly any device, simple setup, virtual assistant, and streamline processes.

AutoCount POS is SST compliant, fully integrated with AutoCount Accounting, POS + purchase & sales modules, POS + Inventory control, and allows to place orders via AutoCount on the Go.

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